Monday, November 05, 2007

Writers' Strike Nearly Causes Severe Injury

Yeah, because I almost fell out of bed laughing so hard when I woke-up suddenly to news that Hollywood writers are indeed now striking, leaving TV industry execs to make inane statements about new media such as, "If people can't get their shows on TV, it could send people to the Web to find entertainment there." I swear I am not making that up!

Forget writers. TV execs are hilarious just by opening their mouths. Put them on the Big TV. Of course I say, bring it on. The strike. Ain't no unions on the Interwebs. Anyone deprived of just astonishing sources of pure entertainment feel free to watch TrueGritz, where our dubious creativity is always available -- to advertisers too. Or just sit around and watch YouTube. I hear people just are crazy for the thing.


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Mitch Featherston said...

At some point, Hollywood will figure out that their model is not exclusive. The web is the ultimate example of a democratic platform for content production, and makes Hollywood a non-issue for many of us independent creators.