Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The (Rove) Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Oh, for chrissake! I'm just about to lose it now. ABC News' Mark Halperin's ho-in' ways truly know no bounds.

As one of the cardinal sins of being the ultimate Inside The Beltway impresario is to admit to being just that, the pundits and political media creatures-of-the-night will go to no ends of pure lunacy to spout not only their (imaginary) badge of impartiality, but to deliver a one-two punch with their (blindingly ridiculous) insights into political reality beyond Washington.

This time around, Mark Halperin tells us what we outside the beltway are really all about:

If Democrats win a big victory next Tuesday, it will be interesting to hear Rove's explanation. But for goodness' sake, as Abramowitz was smart enough to demonstrate, people who live in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Manhattan should understand that in much of red America, Rove is beloved and respected, and they should ask themselves why that is.

So come on, you Red State Wonders in the blogosphere... tell us how your Rove Love surely overfloweth, if you even know who the dude is. I'm going to go hurl, again.

Considering the only place Big Media hoes have ever witnessed this mysterious Rove Love, which we're told burns deep in all our hearts here in the heartland, is within the mega-confines of a micro-managed, ultra-controlled, carefully staged fundraiser, or on Air Force One, or at some vote-trolling stopover at a hand-picked, Republican-sponsored event, then no doubt it could very well look like a Rove fuckfest out here, given that staged, elitist vista.

But guess what, Halperin? This may totally blow your squirelly mind, but some of us figured-out long ago that TV is fake. And so are you. Now shut-up and Note yourself back into your delusional power-trip of mainlining mainstream sensibilities -- and leave us the f alone.

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