Monday, November 27, 2006

Reefer Madness Spawns Instant Media Whore

For the love of our idiotic War on Drugs (I'm 100% with Boortz on this one) a terrified old lady was gunned-down near the Dome. The cops, who busted in on the victim with their "no knock" warrant, found only a "small" amount of pot. POT for chrissake!!!!!

What amount of reefer constitutes "small?" A joint? A spliff? A bag? A roach? Chief Pennington has a lot of accounting to do now, and I hope his feet will be held to the fire on this one.

But who the hell is this newly self-anointed "civil rights" johnny-on-the-spot, Rev. Markell Hutchins? He's Google-able only in context of this particular cop shooting. Whoever he is, he's ready to rise to the high-profile death occasion, and the accompanying TV cameras, at a moment's notice on behalf of the life of this woman. Did she go to his church? Is he a relative?

Or is he just another Instant Media Whore (IMW)? Man, can we spawn some of those IMW's here in the metro ATL real quick-like or what. Shame on 'em all.

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