Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Horcrux This Hag

Umbridge Lives!!!! Umbridge Lives!!! Right here in metro Atlanta!!! Run for your lives children, 'cause book-banner Laura Mallory is coming for you and your own good judgement and imagination.

I bet this publicity-crazed Mallory hag would burn I Will Only Read The Bible (non King James version) into the back of my hand (and all my friends too), just as Umbridge burned her wicked rhetoric onto Harry (in Book Five for you non-readers), as fast as you can mutter Detention With Delores.

If Mad Mallory would shut-up with her idiot-babble, thinly veiled as her Fundamentalist agenda, for two seconds and read the damn books, she might recognize her insidious behavior in many of the most evil characters and knock it off.

Some HP characters and their accompanying personality afflictions who spring to mind when I read about Mad Mallory are: Umbridge of course, a huge dose of Dursley, a flicker of Filch and a lashing of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Guard your minds, kiddies, against The Ministry of (Your) Mind Control and their wannabee High Inquisitor like this stupid, stupid Mallory woman. Fiction has become reality I'm afraid.

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jennifersands said...

Actually, she reminds me more of Barty Crouch Sr. the way he refused to look at the facts and threw people in Azkaban without so much as a trial. That is what Mallory is doing by not reading the books, its a perfect parallel.

It's like Sirius tells the trio in the cave (book 4, and I'm paraphrasing) that its not as simple as people being good and people being evil. Sometimes people do things for the right reasons (or for what they think are the right reasons) but they still are doing things that are evil in the process of that end goal.

So, yeah, she's very similar to Umbridge, but as for me I'm gonna call her Barty Crouch. Anyone willing to sacrifice the lives, feelings, and psyche's of their kids just so they can have the appearance of sanctimonious, do-no-wrong-morality is not a good person. It's hard to tell the difference between him and her.