Friday, February 15, 2008

Meet The New Blog: Mostly Media

After nearly three years, it's time to start a new blog that reflects where my interests lie, in the big scheme of thangs. And they lie in all-things-media, particularly as they relate to the South, particulary with southern news media.

So here is Mostly Media, where I will no doubt be spending most of my spare time, as if there is such a thing as spare time. Another urban myth!

The Spacey Gracey Review will always be my first big blog-love. No question about that. But I know where my blogospheric strengths, and weaknesses, lie now so I'm going to pursue a more, uh, universal, professional approach to a blog this go-'round. And I want to reach out and pull in other fantastic contributors for Mostly Media, as I get the funny feeling I'm not the only media junkie roaming the planet.

The future is clearly within the broadband video realm, and if you're into news and politics and video and mashing them all up together online, then these are very heady times. I feel like a teenager again whenever I start rolling a frame of videotape - I just have no idea where it's all going to end up. A lot's going to go right to the trash heap of oblivion of course, but there are seemingly endless possibilities with video right now, that even the trash cans are being explored and mined and fretted over! Who knows, maybe even a long subverted, supressed, ignored artistic bent will come over me, and I'll just chuck it all and "do art." Weirder things have happened I suppose. Although I like being a capitalist pig way too much to really ever go with a whole lot of "chucking it all" attitude.

Who knows, even TrueGritz could get a dose of fresh air in such a brave new world of video production. All I really know right now is that truly anything really is possible.

See you on The Twitter. Blog on.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


At SoCon08. Live blogging here. Plenty of photos from last night's dinner and conference at Kennesaw State University.