Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Keep "Miss Puss" Clean And Sparkly Fresh

Gawd... you will ROFL with the Fruitcake Lady. If you haven't already done so on the Tonight Show. Still, what better way to set a great tone for the day. I gotta watch again!

Digital Deb Talks To Frontline

Calling all Amanda Congdon fans... here's her latest interview. I'm assuming Ms. Congdon was part of the Frontline News War series, which I've yet to see, but already agree with Jeff Jarvis' assessment, so I having no burning desire to take an immediate looky look. Besides, I've got way too much YouTubin' to do. You can watch here though.

I gotta tell you though, you writer/journalist/blogger pals of mine... I do not like reading text interviews on blogs and sites. It's like having limp, unstyled hair. A text interview does not bring anything pretty or special to the table. I'd much rather watch a grainy, badly produced YouTube-ed interview over reading one. Especially when it comes to someone with such palatable and delightful "perk" as Miss Congdon here.

Why is the Charlie Rose show, for instance, so popular? It surely isn't Mr. Rose's style, or lack thereof; rather, you can catch all the facial expressions and body language nuances that belong to the fabulous guests.

And who wants to read Amanda's words when you can watch her dance, albeit sooooooo like a white girl?! (Sorry, can't lay my hands right away on the last year's SXSW dance video, but I'll keep looking. You'll love it.)

Speaking of video, I'm going to have my latest show/project up soon for you folks to look at. And get this... I not only EP'd the whole thingee, I also shot all the material myself! A career first for moi. Watch out all you NABES.

What Is Going On At The AJC?

Things just keep getting weirder and uglier over at the AJC/Cox Auto Auction Enterprises. I am just shaking my head over this one, whereby a dude who's still on the Cox payroll, and was given five freakin' years to massage an ego project, is traveling around the country pointing fingers at Julia Wallace and her posse for having allowed him to do so!

Since the accusations, claims and counter claims are obscuring the issues in this matter so, I just gotta say that strife and dissent seem to follow Wallace wherever she goes. Seems like someone's causing so much weird organic press by merely doing their job that they're becoming a liability rather than a leadership asset. Wallace must be one hell of a political player inside that little hornet's nest of a media empire. Someone'll have to offer her a real sweet auto deal to pry her hands offa the publisher wheel around there, 'cause Lordy she ain't budging an inch.

You know, this Big Media power-play bullshit has got to go. As a result of all the political maneuvering and postering and posing, I now have no idea what or where the truth is in this particular story. I don't know who to believe in these critical issues that effect us all.

Big Media had better hurry up and fall on its own sword. Something's got to give. And soon.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let's Conversation! Networking

Red Carpet Clambake

I thought about doing a Special Edition Spacey Gracey Review Academy Awards ceremony red carpet gown deconstruction wrap around, but I realized I'd never be able to do justice to the evening's disasters since I actually liked the Nicole Kidman lifeless form/dress here. I liked Cameron Diaz's wedding cake thingee even. And Blanchette can wear a bag on her head and she's gonna look smashing, to me. I guess one can't cast stones in the right places when you're gazing up so adoringly with all that sun in your eyes.

So I'll let those hyenas over at Go Fug Yourself have their nasty little way with it all. That'll be much more fun for you, Dear Reader. Trust me.

Maybe next year I'll live-blog it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Keep Your Mind Wide Open

I make no excuses, no apologies. I simply love this tween song, the theme song to Bridge To Terabithia.

Ava and I sing it ludicrously loud together. Now that's beauty.

Shmuel's NY Times Photo Shoot

The Machine watches The Machine do its thing, and tapes and feeds it all to... The Machine. Where else would it go?!

The Beauty Of The Machine Is Us

I'd forgotten how oddly alluring this video is until Dan reminded me today on his blog, Bernaisesource. Read more here because Dan is a lovely, thoughtful writer. I can see why he likes this video so; it is fluid, interesting, timely, succinct and knowledgeable, and finds a nervous beauty where you least expect it. Kinda like Dan's writing.

The video is simply required viewing, even if it can be rather slightly unsettling. Often, the beautiful is unsettling.

Macon On My Mind

Looky. They do Oscar night up right down there in Macon! This and more photos of Macon's hot Oscar party here, courtesy Vic.

I sure would like to escape the hideous ATL, hop in the Gulfstream, and head out to opening night for the Macon Film Festival. According to Vic: "There is still time to invite all of our dear (Atlanta) podcaster friends down (to Macon) for the Tuesday evening Kickoff Party at the Off Broadway Deli, right next to the Cox Capitol Theatre."

Hmmm... now where'd I toss my damn gold lame? And I just had it on all weekend too. Must be buried in all this swept-aside black lingerie. Damn damn damn... left 'em all in the jet. Again! Silly me.

Live Vicariously Through Others

Am going to try the fun, semi real-time Twitter public IM widget, over to your upper right. For a little while at least, until it grows some widget weirdness. My only two buddies so far are guys who fly all over the country. Hint hint, my ATL blogging brethren. Care to join me?

Find My Precious-y All Over Old Media

Look where my boy Shmuely is today... New York Times, baby. With a great photo too! Ari's trying to get through on the line now, hon. Whatever you do, just don't go with MetaCafe. Ugghhh... Stick with the one who brought you to this dance. Shmuel's YouTube channel is here.

P.S. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here. I gotta crank that YouTube product too, eh Buzz?

Wish Eddie Murphy had won last night. I haven't even seen but a clip or two of Dreamgirls, and he sure looked on fire, as always. Didn't stay up much past Cameron Diaz. She's such a great ditz. Loved The Queen. Loved it. Maybe since Ms. Mirren won, people will now discover the best show ever put on Big TV: Prime Suspect. That creepy Prince Philip dude sure pops up everywhere, eh? Especially all over our TVs. Like, tonight!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stop Making Sense

Our Dear Erick of Peach Pundit fame (and that other blog I'll never link to) is quoted in a (registration-required) Boston Globe front page piece about sock puppets. And yeah, if you have to ask you need to read a lot more blogs, of all flavors.

Grrrrrrrr... you go get 'em Erick, provided you've recovered from the whoopin' GriftDrift put on you the other day.

Vaspers the Grate: MySpace Is A Toilet

This is America in action, begging the question: just why are so many are so darn keen on getting here? Wouldn't they really just rather stay home and throw rocks at somebody?

Red Alert

I don't go chattering on too much at the SGR about Georgia Republicans, for reasons I hardly need to go into here, but I just adore that Buzz Brockway, even if he does read books for people who don't read books: The P-Driven Life according to his blog. Ick ick ick.

Back to the point... Buzz has decided to run for something called "First Vice Chairman" of the Georgia Republican Party. (Is there really a burning need for a Second Vice Chair? If you've got to run for First, then I assume there's a Second. Third? Fourth?)

Buzz is a good guy. How do I know this? He loves to YouTube too. Good luck in that nasty little cracker barrel you choose to swim in, Buzz Dear. You'll no doubt need it.

Saturday Sashay

I tried to interest Ava in a peek to the Fall 2007 Ralph Lauren collection, but Sponge Bob was on the TV. Shoot, if you don't blink you could even catch a glimpse of the fabu shaded-and-jaded Anna Wintor and her trusty sidekick, Andre Leon Talley, on the right. (On the runway video of course, not in a Sponge Bob episode.)

Still, didn't keep me from delighting in the oh-so-serious Le Resistance look of the whole line. It's so Plenty, one of my favorite flicks ever. I can pull-off this (day) look quite well from any 'ole thrift shoppe, too. Only the gold lame, plunge gown towards the end could distract A from the lure of Sponge Bob though.

I think the SGR needs one of those Trusty Sidekick accessories.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Voice of Shmuely

Shmuely T is right-on with this one about the demise of Britney Spears. I had this same conversation about 2 hours ago with someone. We are to blame when celebs go bad. Did we not learn a thing from Diana's death?

And Shmuel, you look a bit haggard here. Rather Heathcliff-y. Either you or your video cam's color is off. Take a break from YouTubing and go to the beach. Relax for a coupla hours! I'm a fan of YOURS and I care.

Teaching Kids To Be Cyber-Smart

So they can become cyber-leaders for their peers.

Some parents rush to get their infants on a look-at-all-my-money kind of pre-school waiting list. Mostly so they can slap the bumper sticker for that particular school onto their green Suburban as soon as possible, but not quite covering-up the SSI or the Lovett stickers from the older kids, of course. But I diverge...

Me, about as soon as the pregnancy test turned blue, I not only rushed to the phone for the pre-school, but immediately registered a domain name in my child's name. Then I didn't think much about it all, her being moreorless a milk-swillin' blob for what seemed like decades for a few sleep-deprived months, way back when.

Fast forward seven years to real-time reality and I've found (former) milk-swillin' blob surfing sites I never knew existed, typically trying to find video on any Harry Potter movie, or a Bridge To Terabithia or Fire House Dog vid after having seen the trailer just a few hours ago at the "movie sitter", as opposed to the typical DVD at home. (Text-heavy sites are not even on the radar, and I seriously doubt they ever will be for the Born Year 2000 gen.)

It's only a matter of time before she's on MySpace. She already wants her own YouTube channel, but I don't think you can even sign-up a seven-year old for one of those. Not honestly that is.

At least one friend has had to involve the police over a Mean Girls On MySpace incident that involved her household. The kids in this particular "event" were all about 12. Twelve!

Getting to the point here, as cyber-savvy as Dear 'Ole Mom here is, I still feel my child could slip through even my clutch-y grasp online, even if I do stare over her shoulder 24/7 which I already do, well... mostly, even in our own home.

Vaspers over on The Grate has some critical questions to ask, and statements about cyber-bullies, that anyone with a computer, a modem and an almost-ready-for-prime-cyber-time kid unit should be asking now. A sampling:

Parents and teachers need to prepare children for blogocombat. I recently watched a news program on television, about a young boy who killed himself because some mean kids at school were calling him "gay" and "sissy boy" in a chat room that the child was addicted to.

Why would any child be so masochistic, that they would obsessively visit a chat room that was abusive to and victimizing them? To defend themselves? To attempt to answer every new allegation? To try to win people over to his side?

Why don't we ask ourselves what kind of parents and teachers we are?

Why do we shun our responsibility and let our young people run wild in the web, "do anything they want" on the computer, without any supervision, guidelines, or preparation for the evil they are bound to encounter sooner or later?

And what about when a child goes to a friend's house? And maybe Friend has Not-So-Cyber-Savvy, Kinda Clueless Parentals? Should I ask, as one might ask about guns in an unknown (to you) person's home, about what level of cyber-awareness exists in that household? And how could you do so without insulting their, no doubt otherwise, fine intelligence?

Lordy, lordy, lordy. If the traffic doesn't get us all around here, the relentless pursuit of progress surely will.

BumRush The Charts On March 22

The animals are now running the circus, folks.

While I hardly believe for a moment that "college students are among the most misunderstood and underestimated groups of people by big media" (that would really be bloggers), this IS just the coolest viral marketing, social media concept going. I got a perfect thrill thinking about participating:

"On March 22nd, the podcasting community is going to take an indie podsafe music artist to number one on the iTunes singles charts as a demonstration of our reach to Main Street and our purchasing power to Wall Street.

The track we've chosen is "Mine Again" by the band Black Lab. A band, mind you, that was just dropped from not one, but two major record labels (Geffen and Sony/Epic), and in the process forced them to fight to get their own music back.

We picked them because making them number one, even for just one day, will remind the RIAA record labels of what they turned their backs on - and who they ignore at their peril."

So mark your calendars to download, donate to a good cause, own a very good pop song, and help change world economic order -- all in about 2 minutes on March 22. This CAN be done!

HT: AR via This post put together to (Big Media) Madonna's Ray of Light (Twilo Mix), "Zephyr in the sky at night, do tears at morning sink beneath the sun? With a little ray of light, I'm flying."

Some BFF Blair Turned Out To Be

Because it takes at least two strong people to wage total world warfare, Condi sure comes in handy while Cheney's in the Pacific. I ROFL-ed right on outta the bed at 6am sharp to the handy informational tidbit, from Rice, that (sooooooo now-former BFF) BPMTB was withdrawing British troops from southern Iraq because, gasp for air here if you need to, that was part of the Bush Admin's overall strategy for Iraq! I am not making this up; here are her very words from today's NYT:

'The British have done what is really the plan for the country as a whole, which is to transfer security responsibility to the Iraqis as the situation permits,” she (Rice) said during a visit to Germany. “The coalition remains intact and, in fact, the British still have thousands of troops deployed in Iraq.'

Well, so much for my good intentions to YouTube you all another delightful new post today. Instead, I've now got to drop everything and go back through years of archived emails to find yet another overlooked one from Office of The POTUS, one I surely deleted purely by accident, in which they tell us, the 'Merican public, all about about this obvious "plan for the country (Iraq) as a whole."

Silly me, I'm so absent-minded. I keep missing all "the plan" memos! I know there's one in here somewhere. Must have been sent to the Spam folder -- again. Maybe if I search under Sender for "Condi." That way I also stand a chance of coming across all those national security warnings she "issued," back at the ranch of course, all through summer of 2001.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Am Only A Little Christian

OK, I confess. I really did try to give-up snark for Lent. I mean, I went almost 24 hours without any. Surely a first for moi. But then I thought I'd just take ONE little measley 'ole peek over at Wonkette, whereby I promptly ROFLed at this one line alone:

"Dick Cheney is flying around the Pacific calling for more war forever and ever with everyone everywhere this week."

Sigh... maybe next year.

It Doesn't Matter What You Think...

It only matters what the market (or the mob in the case of revolution) thinks. So put yourself out there and see what you get back.

Chris Abraham (friend of my Miami-based, YouTube-ing friend, Shmuely T) asks "Will Chris Abraham Be A Married Man At Forty?" Opening price of that "share" is fifty dollars. (Personally, I couldn't make a wise purchase as I just haven't done any "company research" to speculate well on this particular item.)

Putting yourself out on the open market this way might be all fun and games for Mr. Abraham, but in my case it would simply be rather embarassing. Would hate to see the share price for "Will Spacey Gracey Have A Date In The Year 2007?"

I need to go shopping now...

Modesty Not So Pointless In The Blogosphere

No, it was not easy for me to do this, but I felt bad enough about something I'd done in the blogosphere to write a (heartfelt) apology; mine to Will Hinton in Peach Pundit is here.

Modesty Pointless In The Blogosphere

Please pray for Peachtree Screed. He's one of the best Atlanta bloggers, but he's down for a few days dues to emergency eye surgery. We need PS. He's the sun all of us Atlanta news-junkie blogger planets circle around. Hurry-up and heal thyself, blogger!

In the meantime, you can hear an interview with PS (Doug Monroe of course) at the fabulous What Is Going On site. I just love that country lawyer's drawl! He is the real deal, Hollywood. (Just hear how he says "I-dearrr.")

Also, James Williams' (GriftDrift) delightful interview is on the What Is Going On site too, although he appears to be too modest to toot his own horn and tell us so on his own perfectly marvelous, Georgia politics-oriented blog. (And James hon, you just go on with your "new media" verbage whenever the need strikes your fancy. I would never, ever want to be accused of holding you back!)

(But where's the interview those nutty TrueGritz gals once did, Mr. Smith? I'm gonna sic Amber on you if you don't post it soon. UPDATE: He did post it. It's here. Scroll to 12/19/06 to find it. I was searching under "TrueGritz" as one word, so I never found it that way. Stand down, A.)

And please, any other Atlanta bloggers, red or blue, headed south to yap with Mr. Wilson R. Smith, Attorney at Law, on What Is Going On, let me know and I'll tag along with a cam to offer the world a YouTube video of it all. We need to hype our (progressive) Southern essence a whole lot more. And I'm just the woman for THAT job! Besides, radio does have a face nowadays.

Takeaway from all of the above... you won't be trashing trial lawyers so furiously when you find yourself in the desperate, critical position of actually needing one. "It" (the need for a "trial" lawyer) can happen to anyone, anytime. I would know.

Viral Marketing That Actually Works

I think this is a promo video for Smirnoff vodka. My hat's off to 'em , and I will surely consider buying their vodka now since this video is so funny and clever. Smirnoff has managed to do what pitifully few other companies have been able to do: leverage YouTube as a product marketing tool.

This "ad" just gets better and better as it moves along. I started to ROFL at "We might be vanilla, but our labs are chocolate."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Blogger Addiction

It's so bad that I'm in this edit session, with my cousin Al, you know how we Southerners like to keep it in the family, and I'm just looopy-distracted by the wonderful little shit storm going on over at Peach Pundit, whereby last time I checked, James seems to be kicking Erick's ass all over the place because Erick seems to be suffering from "I Believe Everything I Hear On Neal Boortz" disease.

Gawd I wish I could, consensually of course, tape that little set-to. A wonk's idea of porn.

Morning Chortle

Thanks for the snapshot, Bernita. I can only imagine how such a sight would have made my (SC) friends and family squirm. Lordy, how I wish I'd been there to YouTube 'em all furiously burying the silver! Now that is a delightful chortle for the entire day.

Podcast For Georgia Political Digest

Here's my latest Georgia Political & Policy Digest editorial as a podcast: At The AJC It's Do As We Say, Not As We Do. Assorted other local and politically-flavored podcasts of mine are available through GAPN here. Thanks so much, Rusty and Amber, for podcasting this via the GAPN.

GAPN and GPPD -- two homegrown, Atlanta online organizations I'm very proud to be associated with! Insert big Rebel Yell here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"I'd Rather Be Working At The AJC Than Delta Right Now"

As promised a few posts ago, and in between laundry loads, I dug-up some gen-u-ine dirt for you Good Readers, Enquiring Minds and Assorted Vicious Commenteers here at the SGR on just what is the overall mood in the newsroom of the AJC, now that management has issued all those mandates based on change-because-change-is-inevitable yadayadayada.

So, a highly anonymous source deep within the Marietta Street parking garage, or in a car on a cell phone rather, phones-in to the SGR to tell this rather un-sexy, wait-and-see tale:
The mood (of the AJC newsroom) is more "waiting" (now that the Wallace memo has been issued). As this goes forward, the devil is really in the details, and people here are asking, 'Will I have to do my job differently in six months?' rather than, ' Will I have a paycheck in six months?'

We've been told there will be no layoffs, and that they (AJC management) really are trying to do a reorganization and a re-entrenchment. The buyouts are totally voluntary, and they will reorganize around the (expected) buyouts (when those happen).

There's always a way to improve what we do on a day-to-day basis, and this (the restructuring) is a way to solve a lot of things.

But one, two, five years down the road is anybody's guess (as to what will happen in the long term).

I just know I'd rather be working at the AJC than at Delta right now.

If we're not careful (in the news business), we'll be like the music industry. Believe me, there have been much more punitive and horrific 'fixes' at other papers.

(In regards to AJC management) Show me any business these days where top management are coddling their employees and holding their hands.

Yepper... it is rough out there for just about anyone hoping for a regular paycheck. I would know. I just know that until I can be on talk radio, I'd rather be blogging.

PodCamp Atlanta Homework

How can the ravages of the Russian nobility help you monetize your blog? (And no, it's not by reading incessant amount of Russian literature, as so many of my family members are way too fond of doing, to the point where I believe they actually imagine themselves to be historically ravaged members of the Russian nobility! But I diverge...)

Rather, you can follow the links (I'll let you do that work yourself since I'm way too lazy to explain it all here) on this interesting entry Your Show Itself Is Not The Money Maker by the PodCamp phenom founder, Chris Brogan.

And don't miss my "I'm such a Christian" pissing match with Will Hinton over at Peach Pundit. I love to sound-off on these "I'm a Christian" types, because it's always the morally vain who take the hardest tumbles from their I'm-soooo-holy vistas when our universal "human values" brutishly thump aside those divine "Christian" ones.

Human nature, being the inevitable that it relentlessly is, sure tacks towards hot babes, porn, gambling, greed, gluttony, drug abuse, lust, and more hot babes (Bishop Paulk), and hot men (for that other Evangelical preacher dude) with the "Christian Values" set.

Just don't want us common folk to be laughing too hard when the "Christian Values" kind hit the ground hard (and they always seem to collapse on their own mighty wind at some point in the game), as that just wouldn't be... uh... very Christian-like now would it?

And if human nature didn't consistently toss about its fiercely beautiful fiery fey head, then where in the world would we get all that glorious Russian literature?

Monday, February 19, 2007


No, the AJC didn't bother to show, as I casually mention today in the Georgia Political Digest, but Amani Channel for MyUrbanReport was there to package the SoCon07 goodies. And MSM thinks we still need their sorry ass...

SOME FUN FOR U: All the cool kids are a'Twitter. Find out just when your posse wakes-up and has their morning coffee, etc. HT to NewMediaJim.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rep. Steve Davis Is No Reader

How do we know this? He gets his kiddy train lit all screwed-up in the halls of our government. (Who elected this clown anyway? They should be hauled in for questioning and interrogation, but I diverge...)

Anyone who actually READS to their kids (obviously Davis is barely literate, so I doubt he does much of that) knows that the correct title is Thomas The Tank Engine. And The Little Engine That Could was the kiddy train that puffed "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can."

Just sit down and shut-up, Rep. Davis. If you keep at it, we'll hear next that Draco Malfoy was Muggle-born, and that Harry's parents are still alive and were last seen at a Cracker Barrel in Duluth eating chitterlings with Ashley Smith and the Runaway Bride on a Purpose-Driven Choo-Choo. We've got enough Muggles running around this state without a brain-train-drain like you to entertain us.

AJC = Arrogant Jerks Cornered

The more I think about it, the angrier I get at the astonishing level of arrogance flung all over the place by AJC management last week. Leonard Witt, from the Communications Dept. at Kennesaw State University, points out that not a single person from the AJC, from any department nor in any capacity, even bothered to show-up at SoCon07, Atlanta's first social media conference on February 10th.

Not one person showed from Atlanta's "traditional" media, not even a lone AJC reporter to cover the event as the new media enterprise that it was. (And yes, they were all invited.) Shit, we at SoCon07 had editorial and photos out to the entire planet during the freakin' conference, you clueless AJC nits. Video and podcasts were soon posted too. Yet the AJC in the now infamous "Wallace Memo" has the downright gall to claim:

“Online, we will show that we know Atlanta best, providing superlative news and information and becoming the preferred medium for connecting local communities.”

What planet are these people living on, other than Planet Head Up A Donkey's Ass!?!

As I mentioned on comments to the APC's blog (as of 2007, they now have a blog. Isn't that special?), that very thing has been happening online… for, oh, about 15 years now. Hope the charlatans at the AJC aren't too surprised if no one really WANTS to be associated with their “preferred medium.” We’ve built our own just fine by now, thank you very much, you old media clowns.

So don't go asking a blogger what the Semantic Web is all about. We're too busy moving forward to be slowed down and bothered by wannabees in MSM.

This post put together to Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy: "Look for what seems out of place."

Friday, February 16, 2007

Social Circle Seeds and Stems

SCAD student photogs will have their due, and opening reception, tonight at DeFoor Center at 7pm. See you there.

My Urban Report, my new fave small TV show, other than TrueGritz of course, is here. Amani is really good. Just damn fine production value at work. As a producer, my hat's off. Met Amani at SoCon07, FYI. (This guy's your "community" future, Miss Julia, hon.)

Some of my favorite, local, politically-minded menz-yappers go all out on the latest Georgia Politics podcast. This time they get woofing on: our (archaic) blue laws, health care, education, vouchers, and Sonny P. All they're missing is... well... me.

Ari Gold Please Google Yourself

Who's the baddest agent out there? Ari Gold, of course. Shmuly T. wants to feel that kinda agent-love. Plain vanilla-agent just ain't good enough for my boy Biggy. See what I mean?

Edwards' Campaign Goes To Find A Second Life

Bloggers in the real world getting too, uh, cheeky? Send 'em to Second Life for re-enculturization.

I once had a totally full-of-shit boss, imagine that, who made-up the word "enculturation" during yet another of his "inspiration" meetings/snicker-fests. Needless to say, we all chortled for years, sometimes even behind his back, until he finally got canned. Even upper management couldn't take stupid-stench forever.

God Sends Us Uncle Neal -- Some Days

Days like this, we should Praise Jesus for Neal Boortz. Currently, he is going completely OFF about our utterly "insane" legislator, Rep. Ben Bridges (R) from Mars, Georgia. The Mouth of The South says such racist anti-evolutionist law makers are simply psychotic and should be institutionalized. Can I get an Amen?!

No one reaches an audience like talk radio, so we'll take what we can get to publicize this lunatic ranting and raving at the Gold Dome. It's not like we're gonna get it straight-up and dirty from the AJC.

And people stereotype about dumb Southerners...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

AJC To Be Messed With. Expect More Fake Blogs.

Yowzeree!!!! The homie, the AJC, is re-tooling the whole freakin' enchilada. Massive re-everything to occur. I'll let Peachtree Screed tell you all about it. After all, he did work there for many years.

I'd feel sorry for 'em if they weren't such arrogant little snots. I'll never forget standing up at an Atlanta Press Club thingwee at Manuel's (it was a post-mort on the '04 election cycle) about two years ago, and asking Cindy Tee of the AJC and her co-panelists, local & Georgia TV news directors, if they "had any plans to incorporate 'new media' into their coverage?" They all, quite proudly too, told me flat out -- NO. One said they weren't going to do a thing different unless their focus groups told 'em otherwise. Another even said, "I only read the AJC, the WSJ and the NYT."

UPDATE: No, the big news didn't make their front page. Didn't really think it would! But here's the "internal" version, from the Business section today. That piece is (mercifully?) free of any staff quotes other than "Hey, we believe." (WTF?) Kinda lacks ummmppph that way, n'est ce pas?

I'll see what I can do about that glaring ommission here on the SGR for you today. Enquiring minds do want to know. Standby...

Let's Conversation! On Rudy Giuliani

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. To do that, go to the video on YouTube and click-on the orange Subscribe button. Couldn't be easier!

Franken's In - Via YouTube

You Just Want To Be On The Side That's Winning

Oh puuuullllleeeeeazzzzze. Robert Cox of Media Bloggers Association (and no, I did not renew my membership since you now have to pay to hang with the likes of Bob Cox) is on the front page of the New York Times today since he managed to get a bunch of way-liberal bloggers credentialed for the Scooter Libby trial, via Media Bloggers Association.

But wait a minute... last week Bob Cox was all about his liberal-bashing blog, Olbermann Watch! So whose ass is he kissing today!? Gag... he's worse than Dick Morris.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fly That Fucktard Flag

The numbers are in. Despite high-rise living, martinis and tapas every two blocks, metro Atlanta is still filled with country-fried rednecks. I wish I could take the long way home, but as the 'olde saying goes, "Wherever you go, there you are." Sigh...

Wow -- I Smiled Today!

This gorgeous photo of Lo on her mom's (Tania's) blog is just beautiful. It warmed even my bitter ole cynical worn-out rode hard snark-monkey heart. That, and Ava's candy heart stash she came home with. Just in the nick of time.

And James made me snort outloud with his V-Day shoutout to assorted dopes, especially that AJC fucktard, Jim Wooten. (Whether PS or GD, whenever the boys post a "My Morning Wooten" entry, I know it's all gonna work out ok.)

Think I'll go play me some Nick and Dave. Remind myself that the absolute best is often grossly underappreciated. (Dang... the Rockpile Wikipedia entry is in dire need of beefing-up. Hint hint, my rock archivist friends.)

The Vast Sweet Quiet Dark Inside

Embrace it, 'cause hon, Lucinda surely has. Just in time for Valentine's Day, she's created another freakin' masterpiece. I'm downloading the new album now, in tears from the very first song. How does she manage to craft my very own heart, it seems? And every other hardcore fan's too of course. That's an artist at work for you.

From the cut, Unsuffer Me: "Undo my logic, undo my fear."

From Come On: "You didn't light my fire. So fuck off. You didn't even make me... come... on."

From Rescue: "He can't carry you past the door of every danger, every poet, every stranger. He can't save you from the plain and simple truth. He can't save you. He can't fix you. Your tears will always leave their mark."

That woman just don't hold back. She puts it out there. She's Emily Dickinson reborn with a bad attitude and a mean guitar. She's fucking great.

In other local, sad sad news, WCLK's Ken Batie has passed on. My friend and local musician, Chilton, sends his thoughts and remembrance of Ken, a man who lived a life of genuine heart and soul:

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Ken Batie has passed away. From all that I have been able to ascertain he died in a head on car crash.

I have to share. Ken was one of the only Atlanta media/radio personalities that embraced my debut cd "Is" instantly! He championed not only my project but the projects of other artist who don't fit so neatly in the box of mainstream radio.

Ken opened up his radio show on WCLK and gave me a platform to perform. He interviewed me on his "Hot Ice in the afternoon" radio program exposing me to many in Atlanta who had never heard me before.

I can honestly say that he was a hero of all who like "real music" and a champion for the "little guy" to be heard.

Rest In Peace, Ken. Your strength, vision, character, personality, soul and friendship will be missed by all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shmuely Might Go To The Beach

As mentioned, I don't feel like blogging today. But Shmuely always cheers me up. Here he is on how to syndicate your YouTube videos. And Sara has some interesting comments about the Edwards campaign blogger saga. (Latest: one of the "incendiary" bloggers has now resigned. Poof.)

Single Ladies' Valentine's Day Survival Checklist

Countdown to the most miserable day of the year has begun. No wonder I don't feel like blogging. I'll just get an early start on the wretched blackness and pull the covers back over my head now, commence the pity party early.

Single Ladies' Valentine's Day Survival Checklist:

1.) Chocolate. Lots of it

2.) Ice cream. Lots of that too

3.) Blanket

4.) Citron Absolut

5.) Cigs (or nic gum at least)

6.) TJ Maxx nearby

7.) Angst-ridden male movie star card set: Jeremy Irons, Ralph Fiennes, Nigel Tufnel

8.) Kate Bush CDs at the ready

9.) Even "Rumors" if it gets rough

10.) Xanax

11.) Bible

12.) No fucking flowers ANYWHERE in house

13.) "Stay Away From Bars and Bad Men" written on Post-Its around house, on fridge

14.) Pizza

15.) Sushi

16.) Ludicrously expensive foam bath stuff

17.) Big screen TV

18.) All seasons: AbFab, Weeds, SITC

19.) Copy of Spinal Tap

20.) Sports car

Monday, February 12, 2007

Standing On The Shoulders Of Titans...

... and not falling off! Now that is a cool new trick for women in media and Corporate Land, as typically it's the woman who usually ends up "stepping down" (being asked to leave) when there's even the slightest wiff of, uh, "potentially compromising interplay." (I quote myself there.)

In this particularly intriguing World 'O Busy-ness situation, involving Maria Bartiromo of CNBC and Todd S. Thomson, then chief executive of Citigroup’s wealth management arm, it's the man who got the "abrupt departure" treatment. And the lady in question has kept her job.

Quite a role reversal, as usually the woman is the first to get beheaded on the block of "impropriety." In fact, the woman in "one of these" has traditionally been the only party who ends-up getting canned. Lord knows how many women Peter Jennings poked at ABC News during his brilliant career, and he didn't budge for one iota off his throne until stricken with a fatal disease. The women, well.... I shan't talk too much outta school even if I am a drop-out! (Oh the tales I could tell...)

From today's NYT:

Socializing with sources is a long journalistic tradition, especially for television personalities whose renown often allows them to travel in the same elite circles as their subjects. But for Ms. Bartiromo, who accompanied Mr. Thomson last fall on Citigroup’s corporate jet to a series of client and other bank-sponsored functions in China, her ability to gain entree into the exclusive and mostly male world of chief executives and financial titans has made her a valuable commodity to CNBC.

UPDATE: What was I just saying?!! Although I'd lose ANY job out there just to join the Mile High Club with... gasp.... Ralph Fucking Fiennes. I always knew I should have been a stewardess. Gawd, I gotta go, uh, calm down. Just the thought of being vertical with him at 45K feet makes me, uh, crazy.


Anna Nicole Died For Old Media Sins

If Anna Nicole's death heralds the beginning of the Apocalypse, then who are the other three horsemen? Execs from Viacom? Suits from Turner Entertainment? Excellent media navel-gazing column from the L.A. Times' Tim Rutten:
Friday morning, less than 24 hours after she died in a Florida hotel room, the Drudge Report — our media culture's digital arbiter of all things tacky and prurient — had 12 items posted on the onetime topless dancer. That would account for some of the media frenzy surrounding her death. It's a little-known fact, but certain sectors of the broadcast media have long believed that if a dozen items on Anna Nicole Smith ever were posted on Drudge simultaneously, it would herald the onset of the apocalypse. Who knew? This is the way the world ends — neither with a bang nor a whimper but with cleavage.

Full column here. And wouldn't ya know, yet another Anna Nicole baby-daddy makes his presense, if not his sperm, known; this time right here in the ATL. Boy, is Britney pissed.

I'd Make Nice With It

Ugly Bobby (I gotta stop calling him that. But not right now. And no, that ain't him in the pic above. That's Uber-Brit Boy, James Blunt, for you culturally clueless. With a generic model, of course.) has some great post-Grammy remarks.

And yeah, I agree with UB about "You're Beautiful." That's an old-school kinda hit that gets into your head and stays there until your kid(s) start yelling at you to STOP SINGING THAT SONG NOW, MOM. Yep also UB, I've heard war protest songs and "Not Ready To Make Nice"... you are no war protest song. Immensely sing-a-longable, but totally, uh, personal. Here's UB on the Grammys last night:

"Not Ready To Make Nice" is not a hit record. Oh, it's pleasant, you can tap your toe to it, but a HIT is something indelible, something you get on the first listen, something you can sing EVERY WORD of thirty years later, FORTY! Hell, I heard "Ode To Billie Joe" on the way home from KLSX, I know more about Choctaw Ridge than anything that happened on "Take The Long Way", even though I don't own the oldie and I'm not even sure Bobby Gentry is ALIVE! I heard "Crazy" for the first time a block from my house. I RAN from the garage into the house to download it. I streamed "Not Ready To Make Nice" once on my computer, and I haven't played it again SINCE! Come on, even YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL was both a bigger hit and a better SONG! At least people are playing it at weddings, most people have never HEARD "Not Ready To Make Nice".

Josh Hallett At SoCon07: What's Crap?

You will have to max out speaker volume to hear this. This SOT is off-mic, so bad audio. Yes Steve, I'll do better next time.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Measuring Your Time Investment in SoCon07

Can you measure the value of attending a blogger un-conference? Why yes Katie Scarlett, I believe you can. Since attending SoCon07 just yesterday, posting on the CrowdVine networking site that Tony Stubblebine built just for SoCon07, networking, talking, meeting for about an 8 hour period (if you count the dinner Friday night) my Technorati ranking climbed by about 4,000 "points." Ahhhh..... social media, where everything, success or failure, is measurable.

Thanks for the CrowdVine site, Tony! And sorry we didn't have a chance to chat more. Next conference.

Clap Your Hands Say Do It Yourself

While I'm not a massive Clap Your Hands Say Yeah music fan, I am a HUGE fan of their business model -- which is based entirely on the (savvy) use of social media. Recently, Ugly Bobby said something dumb about their sales (see #47) because the CYHSY manager, Nick Stern, sent Bobby Lestat this email message below, which kinda sums up just who's going to define success from here on out. Hint: we are!

Hi Bob,
As usual, I'm shocked by your attitude towards Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I'm convinced you haven't listened to their new record, and I'm saddened that the model created with this band isn't given more recognition by the one person who has called for all the changes we've actually put into practice. To call what we're doing "IRRELEVANT" undermines every single email you send out.

"There's no buzz here, nobody cares."
I don't know what world you're living in, but I think selling 19,000 records in a week means lots of people care. Maybe you're talking about that traditional buzz you're used to, the barrage of radio and video, snipes and singles, playing the game. This is a band that's never made a video, never played with Nickelback at a radio show, never done all those things every other band is forced to do.

The marketing/publicity/radio/video budget for this record is under $15,000. They made a record, they put it out. And they live much better than 95% of all bands I've worked with, including the vast majority of acts I worked with during my time at a major - all this while owning their masters and publishing, touring in a bus, and not being forced to do anything they don't want to.

You're so fond of using Pollstar numbers to prove people don't care about bands - go check out ours, from around the world. You'll see the band has been headlining shows for a year now, and maybe 5 or so haven't sold out. Check the numbers from last time they were in LA, two sold out nights at the Fonda. Check out the numbers in Tokyo, London, Paris, Hamburg, Minneapolis, Boston, Chicago, Seattle....go look Bob, you'll see that people do actually care ALOT about this band.

Last year you made some list of 25 things that band's should or shouldn't do. CYHSY had followed 24 of them, the one exception being that they played Letterman. I can never fault a band for wanting to play that show. It's fun playing on the same stage the Beatles played on. But seeing as how we're pretty much your poster children, I'm amazed you don't show us more respect. And go listen to their music. You might actually like it.

Nick Stern
Manager, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Saturday, February 10, 2007

SoCon07 Blogger Un-Conference Happening

I'm at SoCon07. Where are you? Josh Hallett is live-blogging at Hyku. Nik from Augusta has thoughts here. Leonard Witt, a co-founder, has more poop here, and pics from last night's dinner and today's conference are here. Atlanta-based SoulPress posts a clip of keynoter, Chris Klaus. SOT from Josh about the use of social media is on my YouTube channel. (Audio was off-mic so you'll have to crank the volume on that one.)

And here are your Georgia Podcast Network hosts, Ladies and Gentleman, put your hands together for America's Bloggeratti Couple of the Year, capturing all your southern podcasting needs so you don't have to... Amber Rhea and RustyTanton:

And the Shelbinator captures me doing my video Diane Sawyer-Of-Social-Media thing:

And more of me, and then the glamorous Jen from Who Is Jen Gordon? Answer: She's the other gal from TrueGritz!

For SoCon08, let's add dancing!

Technorati tag:

Friday, February 09, 2007

John Edwards Plays The Donald

...and gives bloggers a second chance. Did the un-fired gal bloggers cry their mascara off for the media too? Get to keep their bloggerati crowns? Have to go to re-hab? Maybe they should to help further any lingering campaign issues.

My my my. The boy Edwards' and his people have a spine! And they aren't afraid to flex it. I'm loving this. Chalk one up for those "liberal feminist blogger" types. (And Sara/James: you'd have sold us down the river pretty quick-like, eh? I'll remember that.) From today's NYT:
Mr. Edwards announced on Thursday, after 36 hours of deliberation, that he would keep on his campaign staff two liberal feminist bloggers with long cybertrails of incendiary comments on sex, religion and politics. Mr. Edwards could keep the women on his staff and have to answer for the sometimes vulgar and intemperate writings posted on their personal blogs before he hired them late last month. He could dismiss them and face a revolt in the liberal blogosphere, which is playing an increasingly influential role in Democratic politics and could be especially important to his populist campaign. Some bloggers saw the controversy as manufactured by conservative groups.

Most importantly:

He (Edwards) also said he would not allow his campaign to be “hijacked” by religious conservatives who had pointed out the bloggers’ most provocative comments and demanded their dismissal.

Well... back to the cauldron for me! Gotta go stir-up lots more "incendiary" comments on sex, religion and politics. There's a lucrative future in it now.

True Confession: I'm totally sucked into Anna Nicole Autopsy Watch. Yeah, so who's the media 'ho now?!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

TrueGritz Back!

And just in time for SoCon07. Catch the gals from TrueGritz right here now. (Sorry for the dubious lighting job, you production purists. Danyelle had to have her really nice ones back.)

Guerilla Marketing Costly - To The Tune of 2M

Aqua Teen, we hardly know ya.

In other matters, I confess to having listened to some of toe-sucker Dick Morris: Head Hillary Hater, on Boortz today as he about waxed prophetic, if not poetic, over Hillary's chances in '08, or at least caused Boortz to almost go apoplectic with Hills-stress. (Shame on you Jamie Dupree for even deigning to show-up. How big a bonus did you get for today's lunch-n-spew?)

Interspersed with WSB/Cox Enterprises-sponsored Who Hates Hillary More rally, Morris said Hillary will win in '08 (with Obama as her VP) because the active electorate is increasing rapidly. 55% of registered voters actually voted in the '06 election cycle, as opposed to less than 50% in 2000.

Morris says the numbers will increase to 65% for '08 because all the dumb women and blacks out here in America will finally be roused out of their typical stupor by the cacophony over a woman candidate for Pres. and a black for VP, be delighted with the novelty of it all, and thus actually show-up at the polls for the first time in their pitiful lives -- and vote 'em in.

Morris went on to say that Hillary will then prove to be the WORST President in U.S. history (Topping W? Talk about your hard act to follow.), and thus usher in a Republican majority again in 2010. This of course, if you follow his logic, begs the next question about the next phase... if more people showing up to vote = Democrat victories, then are we expecting tons fewer people to show-up to the polls in '10 to thus reverse this engaged-populace trend and go red again? BTF outta me, this whole Morris-logic in the first place. That might have something to do with his near-psychotic crystal balling-technique, such as this one from Wikipedia:
(Morris further wrote that) Hurricane Katrina would mark Bush's second term the same way 9/11 marked his first term, saying: "Katrina has the capacity to shape the second Bush term in the same way Sept. 11 shaped his first term — not only in rebuilding New Orleans but in taking preventative steps around the nation to bolster our defenses against natural and man made disasters and terror strikes. Responding to disasters is a source of presidential strength and popularity, and Bush is about to show how it is done."

Who needs to watch Fox News when you can tune-in to Cox Land to hear spin spun so fine it becomes freakin' gold-plated shit?!

As for Solomon Brothers Jewelers, Ruth's Chris Steak House, Coolray and Mr. Sparky? I know where I won't be shopping with all my big fat liberal bucks now.

Skoot Ahh Leeebee Trial Update

Best part of this great Scooter Libby trial analysis? Arianna Huffington saying the words, "Scooter Libby." I ROFL-ed. It's at 4:53. Her accent's almost as bad as mine!

Edwards Campaign Fires Bloggers For... Blogging

Seems some are shocked, just shocked, that bloggers hold strong opinions -- and are fond of expressing them. Of course, our Ministry of Faith and (Religion-based) Values is out there waiting to get you if you dare cross their idea of what "the line" is. And we worry about Sharia law...

As usual, the Daily Kos brings nothing but prattle-babble to the table. (Is it just me, or is that Markos Moulitsas dude the worst political writer ever?)

And Terry Moran, hon, we who often speak-up and out on matters of religious zealotry don't "hate" the sinners who impose their religious beliefs on this nation and throughout our system of government; rather, we hate the sin (of religious imposition, of course).

Quote of the day, from a senior CNN staffer who will remain anonymous: "Things are so bad here (CNN), that I'm now calling for seperation of media and religion."

Meanwhile, back at the Ivy Ranch, Harvard can't get enough of that olde-timey religion. Fine by me. They can have my share. Forty-something years of Christian Fundamentalist-driven culture, etc. is more than my fair share of the burden. I'm tired of the shit. Let someone else deal with it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Latest YouTube News Via YouTube

From Shmuely of course. And there's mention of a hanging Chad.

Ain't Never Seen No White Trash?

Ugly Bobby says he headed east out of Los Angeles to see an AC/DC show. Given this description, I believe he ended-up in north Georgia:
We picked up some food from a concession. I thought it was smoky. But turns out every concession had screen-netting surrounding it. So you couldn't riot. Jump over, reach over and steal the food and the money. Then we sat on a concrete wall surrounding the one barely surviving bush that passed for landscaping. And as we ate, I took a good look at the crowd. And it was like nothing I'd ever seen. The girls. They were wearing the fashion of the day. Halter tops. But they had beer bellies hanging over their jeans. They weren't even embarrassed. It was like all those obesity reports in the news had finally come to roost. Like everybody had a bad body and gotten used to it. And if they weren't overweight, they were scrawny with lined faces looking like their lives had been painful. Raising three kids on minimum wage. The guys. Well, I didn't look them in the eye. Maybe for fear they'd find me looking at their girlfriends, figuring I was checking them out, and beat the shit out of me.

Full blog entry here. I had to drive up to north Georgia for a shoot the other day, just outside of where Harold Finster used to live, Summerville, GA. Lemme tell you, it was shocking the poverty and trash I saw all around. Seemed like the meth had just beaten down the whole community right into an early grave.

Live Blogging

Dan Greenfield's Bernaisesource post about live-blogging a Hawks' game (they had Blogger Night!) makes me wonder if folks are live-blogging Fashion Week? I'd about sell three more eggs, and my momma too, to live-blog an Angel Sanchez show. Anyone have anything to add to this matter?

I'm A Fashionista And I'm OK

Just ran across these Madison Ave. photos, which I'd buried on a hard drive somewhere, from a trip to NYC a few years back. Ava was about 3.5 at the time, and did not yet share my fashion passion. Since "training is going according to plan, Maahhster," she now does.

As for the Angel Sanchez gown I was trying to get a shot of, rather than Little Miss Highly Annoyed, I'd about sold an egg or two for that thing. I still dream about it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bring Me A Drink, Mixed Sushi Platter

As of 4:27pm today my daughter received her first phone call from a boy. Call was brief and to the point: clarification on the title of the sixth Star Wars movie. That had been an issue at recess. (And no, I wasn't listening in. At six, my kid still feels comfortable talking to her friends in front of her mom. For this week.)

I'd better get AT&T on the line now to commence installation of her personal communications system. She'll need it. Corporate sponsorship bids will be considered until the end of the year.

The training is proceeding according to plan, Mahhh-ster.

Mile High Club

Love's a bitch, ain't it? No matter where it happens. At least we know now what they're doing up there in space with our tax dollars.

They gonna run a background check on the Dalai Lama over at Emory? Poor guy's in exile it seems. And what about Salman Rushdie? I know that dude's up to no-good.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Political Role Play For Couples

This is priceless. Hilarious! But very Adults Only. Watch only with the kids not around and the sound up. Enjoy the screwing you're already getting!

Father Forgive Me For I Linked To Fox. Again.

I only did because Shmuely was there! See post below. But this report (from Buckhead's best, former, overgrown frat-boy, Bill Hemmer) is disturbing -- no matter how you spin it. (NOTE: To get to the video, scroll to one titled "Extreme Youth.")

From another, similar CBC (Canada) story:
Go to any university campus in Canada’s larger cities and you’ll see the first seeds of a conservatism being born in young Muslims. For example, at the University of Toronto’s Muslim Students’ Association, male members won’t make eye contact with the females, they won’t address them, won’t sit next to them, and, worst of all, the female students pray behind the male students, even though in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, men and women pray side by side. This separation between the genders is not happening at the universities in Karachi, Cairo or Dhaka, but for some reason, it is happening among Muslims in the West. While these "social regressions" may not seem like a big deal, they are emblematic of a larger trend towards rejecting everything that is western.

Shoot, a Republican man would be the first to sell a woman's reproductive freedom down the river without an Islamicist to tell him to either! I believe they've already tried. A lot. Still are.

Lemme tell you now, say it loud and say it proud, I ain't wearin' no burka. And if any Islamicists, Republicans, or even a candyass like Caren West for that matter, think I'm just messing around, I once cranked-out my own kid into this big 'ole world on my own pure meanass powers, with not so much as an aspirin in my system -- just 'cause I really am a badass at heart, and I knew I could tough it out for sheer, freakin' sport. Plus, I never wanted to be anethtisized like some candyass yuppie or addict for the whole dog and pony show giving birth has become in the 21st century.

One day, when I'm old and bored with nothing better to do, after we've rid the world of evil terrorists of course, I'll write what birthing a baby really is all about when you do it the way I did -- with no drugs in one's system... by CHOICE.

UPDATE: In repro-freedom matters, there will be a Planned Parenthood rally at the State Capitol on February 13th at 9am. More details here. Put prevention first!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gettin' Foxy Now

Look who's made the vid-choices at Fox Online. Scroll to "Be My Sugar Mommy!" Precious... just precious he is, uh huh.

Chihuahua Poops On Media Whore's Head

Caren West of The Sunday Paper has deep and abiding issues with other women. Of course, anything odd or foreign and not chock full of unearned platitudes and teeny-bopper cliches about her (Ms. West's) divine ability to take a breath on this planet become Crazy Angry Bitches. Clever, eh? Being a CAB sure beats flying one's dipshit, drunkard flag every week in an ass-wipe paper no person of substance would ever be caught reading. (Just mediocre bloggers apparently.)

I'm sure Laura Mallory could use a copywriter if Ms. West runs out of shoes, chihuahuas and vomit to babble on about. And I hear Ralph Reed's back too! She could stick her limp-haired head up his Mighty-Righty Christian ass -- for money, just like that adorable little Baron cupcake at "TSP" once did.

Shoot, West could just click-off down the hallway in full femme prattle to ask Baron how one does perform a freakshow media-whore act of that magnitude. She (Baron) wrote the texbook after all. Then again, West would have to pull her head outta the Turner-Seydel-Daddy's-Money, do-gooder green butthole first. Tough 'ho-choices, eh?

NOTE: Caren hon, I won't go too hard on you in the SGR, here on out, if you say in your next column that I'm actually quite pretty, a fabulous writer and that my blog deserves to be on the cover of The Economist. If you don't, well then.... may the best bullshitter win! It is seriously tough, tough, tough, tough, tough being a poor relation in this cold, cruel world. I would know.

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Media Is More Powerful Than Laura Mallory's

I'll never get in Mrs. Mallory's Bible study group now. Nor offered a job at Edelman. Asked to lobby for Media Bloggers Association? No way. Guess I'll just have to keep on blogging bravely on alone into the night. I can always hang lite-brites if times get tough. If I get arrested, I'm sure The Ministry of Magic will send an Auror. I answer only to that blue-eyed She-Devil (no, not Hillary), J.K. Rowling.

I'd rather just have the good 'ole boy attorney, thank you very much.

Those Wacky Kids!

Gifting To Peach Pundit

Here's my Valentine gift to the boys over at Peach Pundit -- Velvet Republicans! And yes, they even have Georgia Dems who love playing Republican. Enjoy.

Scooter and Judy, Sittin' In A Tree...

Don't know if they were k-i-s-s-i-n-g or not, but seems some are smelling a strong Judy & Scooter connect out there in them thar woods. Just when I thought I could get up from the tubes, back down I go...

Don't Want To Be Mine

My oh-so creative partner in TrueGritz crimes, Jen Gordon, has developed a line of hilarious buttons you can order in time for Valentine's Day. Choose from the Sweet or Sour collection. She will customize with your fave lines too. Love 'em!

A Day In The Life Of A (News) Road Dog

Jim Long, an NBC cameraman out of D.C. (and SGR reader) has a fun video he packaged for an MSNBC blog that takes us behind the scenes with the White House press corps. The White House camera crews, amazing pros all of them, are the most serious road dogs on the planet. They could kick an Aerosmith's road crew's butt six ways to Sunday, and be able to shoot and articulate their feelings about it -- all at the same time. (Drink 'em under the table too? Well... back in their day fer sure.)

Be glad you're a blogger. Pay might suck, but you don't have to get up at 2am every day. Here's the video.

ADD ON: Also on MSNBC is a terrific global news/semi-travel blog called World Blog. What's different and compelling about this one, and especially if you loath "travel writing" as I do due to the incessant blather about food items and hotels, is that its "regular contributors include NBC News correspondents, producers and staff based in bureaus across the world and on assignment." Check it out here. And watch your back, ladies, if you're in Cairo this week.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

MSM Irreperably Punked

Well, that might be just blogger-wishful thinking. Lawyers are standing by to cash in, though. Time-Warner suits too.

Culture Gap Widened By New Media

Well folks, it's official: the masses are scared of... well... just about everything! Especially technology -- when law enforcement and their speaker system (traditional media) have NO idea what they're dealing with. After the Boston Techno-Fright fest of the last couple of days, we can see the writing on the wall, though. From

On the one hand, Boston police and city officials demonstrated how ignorant they are about pop culture, guerrilla marketing, and technology, and then got embarrassed, which is why they're so angry now.

What I do know from experience, that may offer insight into this matter, is that every (U.S.) disaster scene I've ever been at (as media), and there have been plenty in my long, if somewhat undistinguished, old-media career, the blue collars get to play God. And it makes 'em happy as a pig in shit.

Normal communications, routines and processes come to a screeching halt, and the good 'ole boy-law enforcement-blue-collar crowd takes over. And maybe this is a good thing in times of crisis, but tell that to the people who, after a hurricane for instance, are anxious to get back to their property to assess damages as soon as they can. Forget it! You cain't have it until the blue-collars say you can.

Just apply those "methods" to say... oh... a nuclear disaster site. You're smart people out there, you blog readers, you get the point.

One other note, I once saw one of those LED promos, under an overpass somewhere. Can't remember what city, maybe it was Atlanta, but it was at night and the "thing" seemed to be easily and immediately comprehended as a promotional device, or at least something kinda cute. Then again, it was dark, when a cartoonish figure would be clearly visible as techno-graffiti.

Beware "cartoon" figures lurking in society that don't make themselves obvious. They might scare the little people, and the off-the-gridders, if you're not careful.