Saturday, February 10, 2007

SoCon07 Blogger Un-Conference Happening

I'm at SoCon07. Where are you? Josh Hallett is live-blogging at Hyku. Nik from Augusta has thoughts here. Leonard Witt, a co-founder, has more poop here, and pics from last night's dinner and today's conference are here. Atlanta-based SoulPress posts a clip of keynoter, Chris Klaus. SOT from Josh about the use of social media is on my YouTube channel. (Audio was off-mic so you'll have to crank the volume on that one.)

And here are your Georgia Podcast Network hosts, Ladies and Gentleman, put your hands together for America's Bloggeratti Couple of the Year, capturing all your southern podcasting needs so you don't have to... Amber Rhea and RustyTanton:

And the Shelbinator captures me doing my video Diane Sawyer-Of-Social-Media thing:

And more of me, and then the glamorous Jen from Who Is Jen Gordon? Answer: She's the other gal from TrueGritz!

For SoCon08, let's add dancing!

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Rusty said...

Aww shucks, that was swell of you!

Amber said...

By "dancing" you mean "pole dancing," right? By the time SoCon08 rolls around, I'll have completed all five levels!

Grayson said...

Sounds awesome! I like something pretty funky to dance to. But whatever the music, we should include a dance party next year, fer sure. You pole dancing in a cage over our heads could be the big draw.

Amber said...

If I had thought of it earlier, I totally would've included this as a feature of PodCamp. Hmmm... does Manuel's have anything vaguley pole-like, I wonder? (Probably not in the literatti room...)