Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Digital Deb Talks To Frontline

Calling all Amanda Congdon fans... here's her latest interview. I'm assuming Ms. Congdon was part of the Frontline News War series, which I've yet to see, but already agree with Jeff Jarvis' assessment, so I having no burning desire to take an immediate looky look. Besides, I've got way too much YouTubin' to do. You can watch here though.

I gotta tell you though, you writer/journalist/blogger pals of mine... I do not like reading text interviews on blogs and sites. It's like having limp, unstyled hair. A text interview does not bring anything pretty or special to the table. I'd much rather watch a grainy, badly produced YouTube-ed interview over reading one. Especially when it comes to someone with such palatable and delightful "perk" as Miss Congdon here.

Why is the Charlie Rose show, for instance, so popular? It surely isn't Mr. Rose's style, or lack thereof; rather, you can catch all the facial expressions and body language nuances that belong to the fabulous guests.

And who wants to read Amanda's words when you can watch her dance, albeit sooooooo like a white girl?! (Sorry, can't lay my hands right away on the last year's SXSW dance video, but I'll keep looking. You'll love it.)

Speaking of video, I'm going to have my latest show/project up soon for you folks to look at. And get this... I not only EP'd the whole thingee, I also shot all the material myself! A career first for moi. Watch out all you NABES.

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