Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Am Only A Little Christian

OK, I confess. I really did try to give-up snark for Lent. I mean, I went almost 24 hours without any. Surely a first for moi. But then I thought I'd just take ONE little measley 'ole peek over at Wonkette, whereby I promptly ROFLed at this one line alone:

"Dick Cheney is flying around the Pacific calling for more war forever and ever with everyone everywhere this week."

Sigh... maybe next year.


Amber said...

Is that like being "a little pregnant?"

Grayson said...

Hmmm, no I don't think so, rather it's a way for those Big Christians types (the ones who preface everything with "I'm a Christian, so...") to puff themselves up for... well, for themselves I suppose, when faced with those of perceived "lesser" values.

Grayson said...

I just changed the title to relect more of what I was trying to "imply", although yeah, in my case, it could be like being just a little bit pregnant.

David 2 said...

Actually it's a stroke of genius if you think about it.

First, go to war in Iraq to forget about fumbling in Afghanistan.

Then go to war in Iran to forget about the fumbling in Iraq.

Then, if there's any time left before 2009, smack up North Korea to forget about fumbling in Iran.

By then it would be time for the Bush Imperium to step down and they can give themselves all sorts of accolades, medals, and pardons for the "great" work they've been doing.