Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"I'd Rather Be Working At The AJC Than Delta Right Now"

As promised a few posts ago, and in between laundry loads, I dug-up some gen-u-ine dirt for you Good Readers, Enquiring Minds and Assorted Vicious Commenteers here at the SGR on just what is the overall mood in the newsroom of the AJC, now that management has issued all those mandates based on change-because-change-is-inevitable yadayadayada.

So, a highly anonymous source deep within the Marietta Street parking garage, or in a car on a cell phone rather, phones-in to the SGR to tell this rather un-sexy, wait-and-see tale:
The mood (of the AJC newsroom) is more "waiting" (now that the Wallace memo has been issued). As this goes forward, the devil is really in the details, and people here are asking, 'Will I have to do my job differently in six months?' rather than, ' Will I have a paycheck in six months?'

We've been told there will be no layoffs, and that they (AJC management) really are trying to do a reorganization and a re-entrenchment. The buyouts are totally voluntary, and they will reorganize around the (expected) buyouts (when those happen).

There's always a way to improve what we do on a day-to-day basis, and this (the restructuring) is a way to solve a lot of things.

But one, two, five years down the road is anybody's guess (as to what will happen in the long term).

I just know I'd rather be working at the AJC than at Delta right now.

If we're not careful (in the news business), we'll be like the music industry. Believe me, there have been much more punitive and horrific 'fixes' at other papers.

(In regards to AJC management) Show me any business these days where top management are coddling their employees and holding their hands.

Yepper... it is rough out there for just about anyone hoping for a regular paycheck. I would know. I just know that until I can be on talk radio, I'd rather be blogging.

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