Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow -- I Smiled Today!

This gorgeous photo of Lo on her mom's (Tania's) blog is just beautiful. It warmed even my bitter ole cynical worn-out rode hard snark-monkey heart. That, and Ava's candy heart stash she came home with. Just in the nick of time.

And James made me snort outloud with his V-Day shoutout to assorted dopes, especially that AJC fucktard, Jim Wooten. (Whether PS or GD, whenever the boys post a "My Morning Wooten" entry, I know it's all gonna work out ok.)

Think I'll go play me some Nick and Dave. Remind myself that the absolute best is often grossly underappreciated. (Dang... the Rockpile Wikipedia entry is in dire need of beefing-up. Hint hint, my rock archivist friends.)

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