Monday, February 12, 2007

Standing On The Shoulders Of Titans...

... and not falling off! Now that is a cool new trick for women in media and Corporate Land, as typically it's the woman who usually ends up "stepping down" (being asked to leave) when there's even the slightest wiff of, uh, "potentially compromising interplay." (I quote myself there.)

In this particularly intriguing World 'O Busy-ness situation, involving Maria Bartiromo of CNBC and Todd S. Thomson, then chief executive of Citigroup’s wealth management arm, it's the man who got the "abrupt departure" treatment. And the lady in question has kept her job.

Quite a role reversal, as usually the woman is the first to get beheaded on the block of "impropriety." In fact, the woman in "one of these" has traditionally been the only party who ends-up getting canned. Lord knows how many women Peter Jennings poked at ABC News during his brilliant career, and he didn't budge for one iota off his throne until stricken with a fatal disease. The women, well.... I shan't talk too much outta school even if I am a drop-out! (Oh the tales I could tell...)

From today's NYT:

Socializing with sources is a long journalistic tradition, especially for television personalities whose renown often allows them to travel in the same elite circles as their subjects. But for Ms. Bartiromo, who accompanied Mr. Thomson last fall on Citigroup’s corporate jet to a series of client and other bank-sponsored functions in China, her ability to gain entree into the exclusive and mostly male world of chief executives and financial titans has made her a valuable commodity to CNBC.

UPDATE: What was I just saying?!! Although I'd lose ANY job out there just to join the Mile High Club with... gasp.... Ralph Fucking Fiennes. I always knew I should have been a stewardess. Gawd, I gotta go, uh, calm down. Just the thought of being vertical with him at 45K feet makes me, uh, crazy.


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Go ahead and tell those stories about Jennings. It's the Internet for Christ's sake!