Thursday, February 15, 2007

You Just Want To Be On The Side That's Winning

Oh puuuullllleeeeeazzzzze. Robert Cox of Media Bloggers Association (and no, I did not renew my membership since you now have to pay to hang with the likes of Bob Cox) is on the front page of the New York Times today since he managed to get a bunch of way-liberal bloggers credentialed for the Scooter Libby trial, via Media Bloggers Association.

But wait a minute... last week Bob Cox was all about his liberal-bashing blog, Olbermann Watch! So whose ass is he kissing today!? Gag... he's worse than Dick Morris.


Amber said...


Oh, and Firedoglake? It's a pretty racist and sexist place for a "way-liberal" blog. And yes, full disclosure, I know someone who writes for them.

Maine Real Estate Fraud said...

Cox's Cause Cel├Ębre, Lance Dutson, is a brazenly, blatantly lying predatory journalist who has wrecked the lives of some friends of mine.

I'm writing a book about it. "Dann Lewis, the Overdue Truth" googled at the top of the page this morning.

Now I can hardly find it with Dann's name.

I think maybe Cox read this and called in some trollish favors....


Sure are a lot of crazies out there....