Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Vast Sweet Quiet Dark Inside

Embrace it, 'cause hon, Lucinda surely has. Just in time for Valentine's Day, she's created another freakin' masterpiece. I'm downloading the new album now, in tears from the very first song. How does she manage to craft my very own heart, it seems? And every other hardcore fan's too of course. That's an artist at work for you.

From the cut, Unsuffer Me: "Undo my logic, undo my fear."

From Come On: "You didn't light my fire. So fuck off. You didn't even make me... come... on."

From Rescue: "He can't carry you past the door of every danger, every poet, every stranger. He can't save you from the plain and simple truth. He can't save you. He can't fix you. Your tears will always leave their mark."

That woman just don't hold back. She puts it out there. She's Emily Dickinson reborn with a bad attitude and a mean guitar. She's fucking great.

In other local, sad sad news, WCLK's Ken Batie has passed on. My friend and local musician, Chilton, sends his thoughts and remembrance of Ken, a man who lived a life of genuine heart and soul:

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Ken Batie has passed away. From all that I have been able to ascertain he died in a head on car crash.

I have to share. Ken was one of the only Atlanta media/radio personalities that embraced my debut cd "Is" instantly! He championed not only my project but the projects of other artist who don't fit so neatly in the box of mainstream radio.

Ken opened up his radio show on WCLK and gave me a platform to perform. He interviewed me on his "Hot Ice in the afternoon" radio program exposing me to many in Atlanta who had never heard me before.

I can honestly say that he was a hero of all who like "real music" and a champion for the "little guy" to be heard.

Rest In Peace, Ken. Your strength, vision, character, personality, soul and friendship will be missed by all.


Sara said...

She's coming to the Tabernacle in March. I was hoping to see her...might still have to.

Grayson said...

WARNING SARA: If you go see Lucinda, be sure to take a highly "squeezable" person with you. Last time I saw her was a few years ago, also at the Tabernacle, and Lucinda musta been at the sex-crazed height of one of her numerous tragic relationships, because the show just oozed raw sexuality and funk and lust -- she made sure of that the way she just played with her songs.

There were couples making out ALL around me. I had to freakin' leave the show as the, uh, frustration level (for me) went so off-the-charts. I'd gone to the show alone, innocently enough. Never again!

Sara said...

Will keep that in mind. I actually already tried that, but it didn't work. May have to reattempt. aka The Urban Reporter said...

You have to love love day... Say it "I love you." Doesn't it make you feel warm all over. : )

Grayson said...

Armani: No, it doesn't.