Monday, February 26, 2007

Find My Precious-y All Over Old Media

Look where my boy Shmuely is today... New York Times, baby. With a great photo too! Ari's trying to get through on the line now, hon. Whatever you do, just don't go with MetaCafe. Ugghhh... Stick with the one who brought you to this dance. Shmuel's YouTube channel is here.

P.S. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here. I gotta crank that YouTube product too, eh Buzz?

Wish Eddie Murphy had won last night. I haven't even seen but a clip or two of Dreamgirls, and he sure looked on fire, as always. Didn't stay up much past Cameron Diaz. She's such a great ditz. Loved The Queen. Loved it. Maybe since Ms. Mirren won, people will now discover the best show ever put on Big TV: Prime Suspect. That creepy Prince Philip dude sure pops up everywhere, eh? Especially all over our TVs. Like, tonight!


VictoratGaImproper said...

Mornin Grayson,

Here is how we celebrate the Oscars in Macon, Georgia USA.

There is still time to invite all of our dear podcaster friends down for the Tuesday evening Kickoff Party at the Off Broadway Deli, right next to the Cox Capitol Theatre.

More details at:

your pal,


Grayson said...

Dang Vic.... I might have to try to get there for real.

VictoratGaImproper said...

Be here Saturday evening 3/3/07 5:30ish for dinner; bring some buds and pods, we'll put on a quirky ritz for ya.