Monday, February 26, 2007

The Beauty Of The Machine Is Us

I'd forgotten how oddly alluring this video is until Dan reminded me today on his blog, Bernaisesource. Read more here because Dan is a lovely, thoughtful writer. I can see why he likes this video so; it is fluid, interesting, timely, succinct and knowledgeable, and finds a nervous beauty where you least expect it. Kinda like Dan's writing.

The video is simply required viewing, even if it can be rather slightly unsettling. Often, the beautiful is unsettling.


Timothy Moenk said...

Hadn't see this one before.


Now -that's- a great example of remix culture.

I need to pass this onto some non-techies to get their reactions.

Amber said...

The video is somewhat misleading in its "form/content" point because it makes no mention of CSS. It jumps right to XML for content structure. Which is great, but it doesn't address how that content gets formatted.