Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gettin' Foxy Now

Look who's made the vid-choices at Fox Online. Scroll to "Be My Sugar Mommy!" Precious... just precious he is, uh huh.


steven edward streight said...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I hate the mainstream media and I am working hard (and softly) to destroy it, gently human-mystically, with tender wikis, fluffy blogs, and other peaceful and kind compu-telepathic tele-graphic means.

This, to me, is avant garde vs. paranoid idiocy. Most Americans seem like chumps,mediocres, and cowards...compared to the vigorous moral activism required by this hate permeated world.

My points in favor of these guys:

(1) No crime was committed.

(2) No violence was intended.

(3) No police were needed.

(4) No ethics were violated.

(5) It's becoming difficult to entertain, educate, or engage the attention-deficit, high-speed, jaded culture ...

(5 1/2) ... which is why the usablity (or "effectiveness", the impact, if you wish) of terrorist beheading videos (limply, always, robotically, refered to as "gruesome" by MSM) is so extremely low: we Americans love violence, dimemberment, violence against women and innocents.

(5 3/4) We condemn these fellers, but smile as our children obsessively fiddle with beating ladies with golf clubs, Grand Theft Auto and flock like lemmings to Smell Gibson films of Passionate Ultra Violence, against Jesus or Aztecs or Blacks or Jews, it's all the same to them.

(6) It's stupid to think blinking cartoon character squares are bombs. "Hey everybody, look at me blinking comically! I'm probably a bomb!" We are a severely dumbed-down nation.

(7) The city mishandled the situation and blew it way out of proportion, Making It Viral!!! )))--: thus, in a deconstructivist auto-immunitary, anti-antigenic reactivity that was the real humor, even funnier and stupider than the Hairstyles of the 1970s press conference.

(8) I applaud and upload the mullets and afros, the crew cuts and buzz mohawked urbanity of discomfited fits.

(9) "The reaction to the Machine is as automatic (and thus machinal) as Life Itself." -- "Faith & Knowlege", ACTS OF RELIGION, Jacques Derrida.

steven edward streight said...

If you get a lot of spam comments, from mediocres wishing to drive traffic to poorly done sites, in hopes of attaching spyware to your readers' computers, if this plagues you, use comment moderation.

But kill the captcha. A captcha is often hard for humans to read.