Monday, February 05, 2007

Father Forgive Me For I Linked To Fox. Again.

I only did because Shmuely was there! See post below. But this report (from Buckhead's best, former, overgrown frat-boy, Bill Hemmer) is disturbing -- no matter how you spin it. (NOTE: To get to the video, scroll to one titled "Extreme Youth.")

From another, similar CBC (Canada) story:
Go to any university campus in Canada’s larger cities and you’ll see the first seeds of a conservatism being born in young Muslims. For example, at the University of Toronto’s Muslim Students’ Association, male members won’t make eye contact with the females, they won’t address them, won’t sit next to them, and, worst of all, the female students pray behind the male students, even though in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, men and women pray side by side. This separation between the genders is not happening at the universities in Karachi, Cairo or Dhaka, but for some reason, it is happening among Muslims in the West. While these "social regressions" may not seem like a big deal, they are emblematic of a larger trend towards rejecting everything that is western.

Shoot, a Republican man would be the first to sell a woman's reproductive freedom down the river without an Islamicist to tell him to either! I believe they've already tried. A lot. Still are.

Lemme tell you now, say it loud and say it proud, I ain't wearin' no burka. And if any Islamicists, Republicans, or even a candyass like Caren West for that matter, think I'm just messing around, I once cranked-out my own kid into this big 'ole world on my own pure meanass powers, with not so much as an aspirin in my system -- just 'cause I really am a badass at heart, and I knew I could tough it out for sheer, freakin' sport. Plus, I never wanted to be anethtisized like some candyass yuppie or addict for the whole dog and pony show giving birth has become in the 21st century.

One day, when I'm old and bored with nothing better to do, after we've rid the world of evil terrorists of course, I'll write what birthing a baby really is all about when you do it the way I did -- with no drugs in one's system... by CHOICE.

UPDATE: In repro-freedom matters, there will be a Planned Parenthood rally at the State Capitol on February 13th at 9am. More details here. Put prevention first!


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