Friday, February 02, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A (News) Road Dog

Jim Long, an NBC cameraman out of D.C. (and SGR reader) has a fun video he packaged for an MSNBC blog that takes us behind the scenes with the White House press corps. The White House camera crews, amazing pros all of them, are the most serious road dogs on the planet. They could kick an Aerosmith's road crew's butt six ways to Sunday, and be able to shoot and articulate their feelings about it -- all at the same time. (Drink 'em under the table too? Well... back in their day fer sure.)

Be glad you're a blogger. Pay might suck, but you don't have to get up at 2am every day. Here's the video.

ADD ON: Also on MSNBC is a terrific global news/semi-travel blog called World Blog. What's different and compelling about this one, and especially if you loath "travel writing" as I do due to the incessant blather about food items and hotels, is that its "regular contributors include NBC News correspondents, producers and staff based in bureaus across the world and on assignment." Check it out here. And watch your back, ladies, if you're in Cairo this week.

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