Saturday, February 24, 2007

Red Alert

I don't go chattering on too much at the SGR about Georgia Republicans, for reasons I hardly need to go into here, but I just adore that Buzz Brockway, even if he does read books for people who don't read books: The P-Driven Life according to his blog. Ick ick ick.

Back to the point... Buzz has decided to run for something called "First Vice Chairman" of the Georgia Republican Party. (Is there really a burning need for a Second Vice Chair? If you've got to run for First, then I assume there's a Second. Third? Fourth?)

Buzz is a good guy. How do I know this? He loves to YouTube too. Good luck in that nasty little cracker barrel you choose to swim in, Buzz Dear. You'll no doubt need it.

1 comment:

buzzb said...

Thanks Gracey!

Funny thing is I had planned to do a You Tube announcement, but alas, time ran out. However, there just might be You Tube campaign speeches in the coming days. :-)