Sunday, February 11, 2007

Measuring Your Time Investment in SoCon07

Can you measure the value of attending a blogger un-conference? Why yes Katie Scarlett, I believe you can. Since attending SoCon07 just yesterday, posting on the CrowdVine networking site that Tony Stubblebine built just for SoCon07, networking, talking, meeting for about an 8 hour period (if you count the dinner Friday night) my Technorati ranking climbed by about 4,000 "points." Ahhhh..... social media, where everything, success or failure, is measurable.

Thanks for the CrowdVine site, Tony! And sorry we didn't have a chance to chat more. Next conference.


griftdrift said...

"my Technorati ranking climbed by about 4,000 "points"

DAMMIT! This is what I get for sleeping in on a Saturday!

Sherry said...

never really think about those things much - but you are right, mine climbed as well (which it still has a long way to go) but more importantly for me, my subscriptions doubled according to Feedburner. YEA!