Friday, February 16, 2007

Edwards' Campaign Goes To Find A Second Life

Bloggers in the real world getting too, uh, cheeky? Send 'em to Second Life for re-enculturization.

I once had a totally full-of-shit boss, imagine that, who made-up the word "enculturation" during yet another of his "inspiration" meetings/snicker-fests. Needless to say, we all chortled for years, sometimes even behind his back, until he finally got canned. Even upper management couldn't take stupid-stench forever.

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newmediajim said...

O'Hear reports: "thanks to a grassroots effort" hhmmm astro-turf methinks. It's all part of the Edelman/Rocketboom/Second Life Triangle. what-EVER... I'm just trying to figure out my first life!