Thursday, February 22, 2007

Modesty Pointless In The Blogosphere

Please pray for Peachtree Screed. He's one of the best Atlanta bloggers, but he's down for a few days dues to emergency eye surgery. We need PS. He's the sun all of us Atlanta news-junkie blogger planets circle around. Hurry-up and heal thyself, blogger!

In the meantime, you can hear an interview with PS (Doug Monroe of course) at the fabulous What Is Going On site. I just love that country lawyer's drawl! He is the real deal, Hollywood. (Just hear how he says "I-dearrr.")

Also, James Williams' (GriftDrift) delightful interview is on the What Is Going On site too, although he appears to be too modest to toot his own horn and tell us so on his own perfectly marvelous, Georgia politics-oriented blog. (And James hon, you just go on with your "new media" verbage whenever the need strikes your fancy. I would never, ever want to be accused of holding you back!)

(But where's the interview those nutty TrueGritz gals once did, Mr. Smith? I'm gonna sic Amber on you if you don't post it soon. UPDATE: He did post it. It's here. Scroll to 12/19/06 to find it. I was searching under "TrueGritz" as one word, so I never found it that way. Stand down, A.)

And please, any other Atlanta bloggers, red or blue, headed south to yap with Mr. Wilson R. Smith, Attorney at Law, on What Is Going On, let me know and I'll tag along with a cam to offer the world a YouTube video of it all. We need to hype our (progressive) Southern essence a whole lot more. And I'm just the woman for THAT job! Besides, radio does have a face nowadays.

Takeaway from all of the above... you won't be trashing trial lawyers so furiously when you find yourself in the desperate, critical position of actually needing one. "It" (the need for a "trial" lawyer) can happen to anyone, anytime. I would know.


Sara said...

You must've missed GD's horn-tooting when his interview went up.

Grayson said...

Guess I did! Blows my whole blog post title now doesn't it? Should I change it?

Sara said...


griftdrift said...

Nah. hee

And if you go back in the archives to December I believe, you will find the TG interview.

Amber said...

He came to visit us in Decatur this weekend and said "i-dear" countless times. Good stuff.

Grayson said...

Dude needs a publicist bigtime. Maybe he can hire Caren West!