Monday, February 12, 2007

I'd Make Nice With It

Ugly Bobby (I gotta stop calling him that. But not right now. And no, that ain't him in the pic above. That's Uber-Brit Boy, James Blunt, for you culturally clueless. With a generic model, of course.) has some great post-Grammy remarks.

And yeah, I agree with UB about "You're Beautiful." That's an old-school kinda hit that gets into your head and stays there until your kid(s) start yelling at you to STOP SINGING THAT SONG NOW, MOM. Yep also UB, I've heard war protest songs and "Not Ready To Make Nice"... you are no war protest song. Immensely sing-a-longable, but totally, uh, personal. Here's UB on the Grammys last night:

"Not Ready To Make Nice" is not a hit record. Oh, it's pleasant, you can tap your toe to it, but a HIT is something indelible, something you get on the first listen, something you can sing EVERY WORD of thirty years later, FORTY! Hell, I heard "Ode To Billie Joe" on the way home from KLSX, I know more about Choctaw Ridge than anything that happened on "Take The Long Way", even though I don't own the oldie and I'm not even sure Bobby Gentry is ALIVE! I heard "Crazy" for the first time a block from my house. I RAN from the garage into the house to download it. I streamed "Not Ready To Make Nice" once on my computer, and I haven't played it again SINCE! Come on, even YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL was both a bigger hit and a better SONG! At least people are playing it at weddings, most people have never HEARD "Not Ready To Make Nice".


griftdrift said...

In a weird harmonic convergence I recently drove over the Tallahatchee Bridge.

possum said...

Griftdrift fails to mention that he drove over the Tallahatchee Bridge with Anna Nicole Smith.

griftdrift said...

Nope. That was Andy. It's his I tell ya!

possum said...

You're right. I take it back. Andy has confessed: