Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We've Heard Enough Now Shut-Up

I need to take a smallish blog-break this week to:

a.) build a fallout shelter
b.) actually work

Gotta crank-out a real video for a real client real quick, so no real blogging until Friday.

I do have a bit of real information for you though, in that I had an e-mail exchange with Dana Tofig, Director of Communications for the Georgia Department of Education, about the status of that case belonging only to the personal, religious crusade of that hideous, Umbridge-like woman, Laura Mallory -- the hapless hag who wants to rid Gwinnett County of imaginary menaces from the Harry Potter books. And forceably detach, one must assume, our children from their beloved characters, as well as their own imaginations.

Tofig had this to say about the status of the book-banning case we wish was just a bad dream:

Mr. Buckland (a hearing officer for the state who recently heard an appeal) will not make a recommendation publicly and there will not be a public hearing. The (state education) board's decision, expected in December, will be posted on the internet at http://www.gadoe.org/. This is how appeal hearings are handled in every case.

This case will be handled like any other. State law allows this mother the right to be heard and the case will be decided on the merits of state school law and board rule and nothing else.

Decisions are made behind closed doors only? And all results are posted only on the Internet? Hmmm... I'm sure that Misguided Mallory will be more than happy to oblige the press when the decision does get "posted" wherever.

Let's hope, for this Communication Director's sake alone, that rational minds will prevail, in private or otherwise. Should something ludicrously drastic happen to the sensibilities of state board members and the Harry Potter books are taken away, we in Georgia will rival only North Korea for seismic activity, only any vibrations felt 'round the world from these parts will be generated by global levels of laughter and scorn heaped upon us Southerners for our backwardsass ways - again.

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David 2 said...

I'd like to think that rational minds would prevail... but then again we live in Georgia. Rational thinking is a rare thing indeed around here.