Thursday, October 05, 2006

Healthcare In America SUCKS

So many people fly under the health insurance radar, especially musicians, writers and artists, as they are moreorless self-employed. So when something serious happens, as it has to Athens musician Wendy Musick, then the uninsured are forced way-up the harrowing creek of ludicrously exploded healthcare costs in this country.

Fortunately for Ms. Musick, she has some great friends, and they've organized a series of cool events to help raise money for her surgery... which is likely occuring right about now. Below is event info. The fun and fundraising begin tonight at the 40 Watt Club, the place where Wendy was a sound engineer for many years.

So road-trip it on over to Athens, enjoy yourself, then come on home and support legislation to reform our totally off-the-wheels healthcare "system." Folks, if Newt Gingrich and Hillary Clinton can get together to work for better healthcare legislation, then so can we!

MUSICK FEST BENEFIT, is a 2 night music event and 3 week art show ending in an art auction to raise money for local uninsured musician, Wendy Musick. Wendy currently plays in Southern Bitch, Kimberly Morgan and the Everlovin' Band.

Schedule of Events: Thurs., Oct. 5th, 40 Watt, $15, doors 8pm
Clay Leverett (Lona, Now It's Overhead)
Dave Marr
David Barbe & the Quick Hooks
Will Johnson (Centro-matic, South San Gabriel)
Don Chambers & GOAT
Patterson Hood & the Screwtopians

Fri., Oct. 6th, Nuci's Space, $10, doors 7pm
Still Small Voice and the Joyfull Noise
Betsy Franck
Kimberly Morgan
Diet Rockstar
Mother Jackson
Patterson Hood

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