Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ahhh.... Young Love

... is really quite stressful it seems, as a New Orleans couple I (and the NYT of course) once noted in a blog entry in the aftermath of Katrina is now dead. Very dead. Dude first killed, dismembered and cooked (I shit you not) his best gal, went and made merry one last time, then hurled himself off of a high place. Good Gawd Awmighty, you sure made misery on folks with that storm, now didn't you?

And for all you sickos who keep hitting this blog with your Google "Zachery Bowen Addie Hall suicide pictures" searches, sorry -- you won't find any such horror here. Keep away ghoulish creeps.

Rest in peace Addie, hon. If that's possible. Your boyfriend was a gen-u-ine freak, so he can rot in hell. But I bet you'd heard that before, n'est pas?

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