Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jesus Kept Me From Losing It

So I wander down to the Gold Dome this morning, the Coverdale Building actually, to see some gen-u-ine legislation in action for the first time in my life. What was going on was a public hearing on HB1, see post below, a bill written to completely ban abortion in Georgia.

What really was going on in Room 606 was a freakin' Jesus rally! An arms-in-the-air, bad music playin', Jesus worshipping prayer rally by fundamentalist Christian righties, masked as a legislative hearing of course.

Oh hon, believe me when I tell you there were tears and testimony and testifying and fiery God-like righteousness everywhere you looked. Pure theocracy-in-action, certainly not democracy.

For a moment there, I thought the righty goons were gonna all crawl along on their knees towards the altar, only there was no altar in this room, just the State Seal of Jesus Camp, I mean Georgia.

My new hero, Bernita from Blog For Democracy, blogged the whole freak show live. I was too stunned to do much except take a few of the shots you see here, then pray for the strength to keep my mouth shut and not get arrested by blurting out things like, "Oh God, just free us from these total fucktards!!!!"

We all need to now get on our knees and pray that HB1 never makes it out of committee.

FYI, the stack of documents in the above shot is "testimony" taken by women who have had abortions. (See Bernita for more on that nonsense.) The docs should now include blog entries written by women subjected to the horror of democracy being thrashed into theocracy by the psycho Christian Right.

The three shot below the seal is of the men (the people actually elected to public office by other people) who wrote and support this bill designed just for a woman's body.

I gotta go have a shot of something now. Just like Bernita. (You had to have been there. You'd be drinking now too, trust me.)


rusty said...

Nice pics! At our next podcast party, maybe we'll have prayer vigils to Steve Jobs and present "testimony" from former radio listeners to support banning their rhetorical abortions.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Hilarious Rusty! Count me in, as long as there's lots of booze involved. Then again, after some Jose C., it all becomes rhetorical. Hazy at least.

Anonymous said...

weird stuff. This thing have a chance of passing???---surfed in through grift drift btw

Mike Schinkel said...

We should be scared. Very scared. :(

rosie and nillie said...

And yet those same water balloons are terrified of cultures that reproduce rapidly ...what's up with that? Can I get a hallelujah? Personally, I think something has kicked back in from something I took in the 60's and Tommy Chong is no where around to talk me down. I hear next Tuesday is Take a Fetus To Lunch Day, iv's and prayer start at 11:30am, get there early to get the best gurney (or how ever you spell it, hell I use a computer and not very well at that, what do you expect, literacy?) Sonny needs to cruise on down 75 to his FL property. ("Scooter" "Sonny" why do all these DANGEROUS people have such uncomfortably familiar monikers?) The Japanese women have the right idea, close up shop. Their birthrate is down 20 pct and the "emperor" is leaping and diving because women are finding fullfillment outside the whelping pens. In Myranmyr (?) 5 or 6 years ago the leader-of-the-day was demanding the women have more babies because his army was running short. Hasn't the way-right-but-wrong-right heard they are being used by people with better sense? I guess a few didn't hear what Ralph Reed was doing to their camps.