Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On The Radio

Sas and I will have a chance to run our mouths good this Friday night on WRFG. Tune-in at 7pm on the 23rd via the website, or to FM 89.3 to hear us talk country and (real) country music. Don't know how "in-character" we'll be on the radio. But we're sure going to have fun, and the DJ has promised to play lots of Byrds and FBB/GP tunes just for me.

Then Saturday night is Bingo at Tube. See below entry for more on that.

Looks like a TrueGritz weekend around the ATL! See you there.

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Amber said...

Will True Gritz be at Pride? 'Cause that would be awesome! You can bet the Georgia Podcast Network will be there; c'mon, we could make an outing of it. Rusty and I plan to interview a street preacher protesting the whole shebang. You and Sas could stand in the background, sipping iced tea and shake your heads disapprovingly,