Wednesday, June 29, 2005

June Forever

A fine a Southerner as there ever was, Shelby Foote, has passed on to the big Moon Pie in the sky. I'll never forget his response to a journalist's question about his writing routine: Mr. Foote said he liked to work in the morning for a few hours, then watch a little As The World Turns. ('Least I think that was his story. Of course mine's All My Children.) Maybe "take a little whiskey" later on in the evening. Not only could the dude write like a freakin' prince, he knew how to live like one. Raise a glass to his greatness when you can. Or at least have the guts to admit you wouldn't mind just watching "stories" every now and then than participating in our C-F of a rat race all day long.

There are plenty of new summertime pics on The Ava Chronicles. Please visit when you can, although the site only supports high-speeds. Blame He Who Must Not Be Named (Bill Gates) though, as I think this particular photo album site is a Microsoft-sellout.

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