Friday, June 24, 2005

Unbearable Stupidness of My Inner Being

Good grief. That last post, The Unbearable Lightness of Summertime, was just way too heavy. Honestly, my inner self typically inhabits a much flimsier realm, something along the lines of this quote, found on Dave Barry's band's, Big T and The Oaktones, fanclub page:

Yoko Ono - "I can break this band up too. Just watch me."

Yoko is just about the only person who hasn't "come back" lately. I always thought she was one freaky-ass, trippy lady. (To hell with Nicole Kidman, I should have dated Lenny Kravitz.)

And to prove the point, I once referenced her in something I wrote long ago for Creative Loafing, Atlanta's alt-weekly. See for yourself, but if you techno-morons, "technorons," can't access the .pdf file to read it, then don't whine back at me about your personal computer illiteracy issues. Get the help you need. (Your 6 year old will do fine if you're just spazzing out totally.)

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