Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Horsey Women Ride Herd On NOLA

Will somebody please get rid of that inflated point of idiocy, Ray Nagin, and install Julia Reed Mayor of New Orleans? Right away. Now!

Ms. Reed was kicking ass and taking names on Larry King last night, stating that every time Ray Nagin opens his "lunatic" mouth, not only do "chocolate" frogs come flying out, but precious attention is, again, diverted from what exactly IS going on in New Orleans. And a lot of really great things seem to be shaping up, if the cameras would ever get over Mr. Chocolate.

As one blogger says, those "horsey Uptown (New Orleans) women" are running the whole show in NOLA anyway. And it's about time they got the credit, rather than some grossly inefficient, camera-preening stooge who's already screwed everyone in his wake, white and black, front to back. Let the horsey women rule, dammit.

Of course I adore Ms. Reed, because not only is she a Vogue contributor, she inscribed her hilarious book, Queen of the Turtle Derby, to me "from one Southern writer to another." I literally walked on air outta Barnes and Noble after the signing clutching the purchase to my bosom.

I was so giddy with author awe, I completely forgot my manners. I should have asked Ms. Reed, an infamous world class partier of legendary standards on the Southern Bad Girl Society circuit, if she'd have cared to join me for a round at the Yacht Club, or at least a martini at Twist. Silly me. I just hope to have the opportunity for clear thinking nice-nice at some point down the road.

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