Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pressure Drop

Uh oh. Kevin over at NG declares that I'm back to blogging, so I'd best get to it although I'm not sure if I have much to say at the moment. This too will pass. Currently, I'm in a boggy state 'o mind where I'm not really good for much except sittin' around wishing I had a long lost friend and a couple beers at my side, a front porch and a funky street to keep watch on.

And what about when Michael Stipe wore his hair long? Then there was the Deacon Lunchbox tribute show I missed and am still kicking myself in the ass for having done so. (Be sure to scroll down for poetry samples.)

Gawd, I loved DL. His and Clay Harper's ludicrous antics got me through many a hell hole back in the day. My dear pal Lu took a beautiful portrait of DL which hangs in her guest bedroom now. I go over and drink too much in hopes of falling asleep there late one night just so I can wake up to that image. Now that would stir some kind of those wonderous early morning musings. (I keep a Coolies 45 near the washing maching just for a regular smirk, least the day's tone get too corporate or humorless.)

And thinking on Lu's amazing portfolio she put together recently on Power Point, at our advancing years, to get into SCAD to finish a degree... what a beautiful angel she is. Then there's that one person whom I can't seem to reach who has held my heart in his hand since I first laid eyes on his sweetest, wild, scruffy self. I would give a million...

This blog put together with help from a Kathleen Edwards CD and a really awful REM bootleg. (Is there any other kind?) Thanks Craig over at Town Cryer. In lieu of anything terribly poignant to say, have some pics from recent time outta the ATL:

Photos courtesy of Tom Roche

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