Wednesday, July 12, 2006

News Flash: MSM Remains Kinda Clueless

What's missing from this story about blogging on ABC News dot com, (other than Peter Jennings who I still miss deeply everytime I watch at 7pm) titled Should You Quit Your Day Job To Blog? (Thanks for the link, Randy.)

The news, perhaps? I can't believe anyone can be so clueless as to write a (wildly optimistic) story about independent video blogging nowadays, mention Rocketboom right out of the gate, and then fail to talk about the glaring fact that Amanda Congdon was unboomed from Rocketboom just last week!

MSM is falling seriously behind the curve I'm afraid. The whole dynamic of video blogging took a dramatic swerve when Amanda left and all their dirty laundry got hung out to dry.

It's almost that MSM isn't worth bothering with as they're so slow outta the gate. I mean, cranking up those multi-million dollar bits of copy and video is heavy lifting. No longer Johnny On The Spot. And as for quickie political investigations, look at what went down at Peach Pundit! Go get 'em, you Red Boys.

By the way, the answer to Should You Quit Your Day Job To Blog? is "Sure! Why not?!" I just did. So... watch this space.

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