Sunday, November 25, 2007

Web 3.0

As you've noticed, I'm not blogging much. Not here at least. You can still find me on Peach Pundit for political commentary.

Personal blogging is really sooo Web 2.0. I'm moving on to Web 3.0, where you actually get paid for your efforts, and where some are busy growing new media efforts into "micro-media brands" -- such as that dynamic New Media Jim from DC.

Others such as the intriguing, always-delightful, longtime ATL blogger, Timothy Moeck and his Atlanta NetSquared, are taking their micro-media brand towards a seriously philanthropic arena.

The best places to catch up with me nowadays are Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. See you online no matter!


Timothy Moenk said...

Time for a history lesson!

And no, while I could go into the history of the future and discuss what "Web 3.0" might be with regard to the Metaverse or the semantic web, and all that, I'm actually going to go into past history.

The history of my name. Because you misspelled it in a way that's historically amusing!

A few generations ago, my last name wasn't "Moenk," but "Moenck." A very German name that got changed to "Moentk" when my great great grandfather went through Ellis Island.

We're guessing someone had crappy handwriting.

A generation later, my great grandfather lopped off the "T," but didn't add the "C" back. And so two new branches of the family were born as a result of an Ellis Island mishap.

As for pronunciation, while meaning "Monk" it's pronounced "Mink" (except for a generation with the "t".. no clue there). Your "Moeck" variation could very well be pronounced "Moke" which is a very Klingon sounding family name. For the record, I find human-klingon hybrid women very attractive (I think I twittered this once), and would consider changing my name to Moeck if I get stuck in cryostasis for a few centuries or get stuck in a parallel dimension where I end up marrying a half-klingon woman.

Strangely, I just uncovered a story I hadn't heard before! I just did a search on facebook for "Moenck", and just found out about a branch in Puerto Rico! Weird, considering my mother's Puerto Rican.

The story? Apparently when my mother first met my father, she kept trying to spell my father's name as "Moenck" because apparently there was a distant member of the family (that we've never met) in broadcasting while my mother was growing up in Puerto Rico.

Ok, wow! Didn't think my quick comment was going to lead to this. My apologies if I just upstaged your blog post. I may have to cross post at this point. ;)

Thanks for the linking! And congrats on moving towards the money making blogging thing!

Mike said...

Actually, I'd like to hear a description of what Web 3.0 is supposed to be.

Tania Rochelle said...

Why can't I make money blogging about my dog?