Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hillary's Media Makeover

Let’s face it, no matter what you think about her, Hillary Clinton could use a media makeover. I mean, have you ever even seen one snapshot of her exercising? Shopping? Eating? Plain ‘ole everyday things we (voting) American women do all the time?

Fellow Atlanta blogger, Sara, of the popular Going Through The Motions, and I stopped by Hot Political Air Night (any Tuesday, any season) at Manuel’s for a cold one last night and compiled our helpful hints Top Ten list. Since I’m all hot for lists now, of course.

Then again, it was compile lists or try to out-shout Tom Houck and Michael Maloof over the composition of Atlanta city politics come 2009. So here ‘ya go Hillary. Have at it:

1.) Get a dog. A Beagle would do nicely.

2.) Be seen with a Diet Coke in hand. Often.

3.) Get caught working-out, or at least power walking in soccer mom ‘hood.

4.) Drop by Global Coffee Chain; bonus points: use laptop while in Global Coffee Chain

5.) Photo-op at a hospital in am, preferably with sick children; then get snapped later same evening on celeb’s yacht. (This strategy worked great for Diana.)

6.) Visit with Chelsea, wherever she is. Have nails done together.

7.) Stop by a Whole Foods and chat with immigrant staff about organic produce in West African nations.

8.) Cook something. Suggestion: A simple, yet fresh and tasty pasta dish.

9.) Dump Bill.

10.) Take him back.

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Sara said...

The more I think about it, the weirder it seems that we never see her doing anything normal. While I know that the collossal clusterfuck that is GWB may make us wary of "regular guy/gal" presidents for a long time to come, I want something that tells me my candidate isn't an overhandled automaton, too.