Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seeds and Stems

Somehow I've missed the terrific ATL blog, Drive A Faster Car. But it's on my radar now. Any blogger who posts Twits that rage Its Fucking Moron Day at the new Publix on Collier has got my attention. That's my 'hood after all, right smack here in traffic hell-on-earth.

Now that comments are ignited, Phil Kloer's new book blog at the AJC seems to be catching right on. Thirty five comments for the very first post! Phil's filling a phat void apparently, now that they fired all the A&E -oreinted "real" reporters over at Cox Plantation #1. Who needs 'em in a blogophied world anyway? Not when you can just click to something this good, or this, for a look at what's going on locally in, say, the very hot Atlanta music scene.

I've known the bright 'n clever Mr. Kloer for years now. Really good guy. He once interviewed me and some pals during a smallish Twin Peaks (that's how old I really am) viewing party we had at some cruddy apartment complex off of Ponce I used to pay rent to. That was way back in the seriously hazy days on Ponce, when you could look out your back window and see bums from the Clairmont taking a dump in the back parking lot. Ughhhh... But even if it's a kindasorta blog, please support his bloggin' efforts in the bubbasphere with lots of your own juicy written droppings.

Has all that much really changed on Ponce? Beats me. I beated a fast track to Buckhead shortly after Twin Peaks ended and have been here ever since. Go ask these kids for a more timely answer.

New video goodies are online now for the Bobby Saxon For Congress campaign. Courtesy (operative word is "courtesy") of WaySouth Media. Check out Bobby's announcement video here, and a shorter vid about his military background here. This guy's really one to watch; he's got a ton of charm and good horse sense and charisma that jump off the video, despite the incessant cricket 'n insect noises that got picked-up in the audio during taping.

Bobby, an Athens boy and running in the 10th, is really into spreading the word via new media, too. Look for good stuff to come over the next fifteen months of campaigning from Mr. Saxon. He's going to be around for a while. Heck, even his name just oozes a power, get'rdone vibe!

Anything else to add here, I just plain forgot. Have a great week!


Rich said...

Drive a Faster Car is a nice one -- Ohmpark also has their finger on the pulse, and That Truncheon Thing and It Covers the Hillsides have been quite good since they debuted. I imagine my ATL coverage will slip a bit since I'm in Athens now.

Rich (C&T)

Tessa Horehled said...
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drive said...

Aw shucks kids! Thanks for the kudos.

And it's always nice to meet another neighbor.