Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blogging Priests

While I eat Cheetos and read the National Enquirer by the Cross Creek pool, all the while ignoring Ava's many "watch me Mommys," our rector from All Saints' here in Atlanta, "Sir" Geoffrey Hoare, is on this amazing, head-inflating tour of Europe and blogging busily away as he merrily expands his horizons. His blog really is something to take a look at.

Here's an interesting tidbit-exerpt from it:

"The classical, the modern, the post modern and so on all need each other, but life is found in and flows from that which is new, creative, sometimes considered ugly at first (Remember how Rodin and the Impressionists were never really acceptable to the academy or in Rodin’s case many who commissioned his work.) The new is dependent on the old yet does not supersede it. I am reminded of how John A. T. Robinson, author of Honest to God (1963) used to talk of how a true radical must be thoroughly ‘rooted’ in the tradition."

(NOTE: To be honest, I don't remember anything about Rodin not finding acceptance by the "academy." But I can tell you all about Gram Parsons having been rejected by the mainstream Nashville scene. I think that's kinda what Geoffery's gettin' at here. Although I doubt Sir Geoffrey's been thinking a whole lot about country music lately.)

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