Monday, July 11, 2005

Say Yes To Wow

Is your sex life just not the WOW you always dreamed of? Well, who's isn't, but don't freak out - help is on the way! My friend and brilliant writer and just really damn good person on this planet, Michael Alvear, is coming to HBO to save us all. Michael has been living his fabulous life in London on British TV this summer, as co-host of a Channel 4 reality show called Sex Inspectors. And now HBO has bought the show, a serious WOW for Michael and all those who know him and are just thrilled to see him "take off" so.

The British version of the show will begin weekly air on HBO, starting September 1 at 11pm. So subscribe now and sit back and watch Michael become a star. And believe me, I wouldn't even brag about having a friend in TV, but if anyone has worked so hard at his craft for so long, and if there's anyone out there who deserves to have good, successful things in his life, then it's Michael. He's just a really cool, decent, kind person who manages to take time out from his insanely busy schedule to encourage me to keep writing. Simply put, he helps me keep hope in my life.

When I first started writing and trying to publish little things here and there, Michael was the first person I turned to for advice and help. He extended a hand of kindness and encouragement to me at a time in my life when I thought such things were impossible. He didn't have to do this.

Michael was a successful gay man who, on the surface, I had virtually nothing in common with. He could have brushed me aside like a gnat, but he didn't do that. He took the time to meet with me and talk with me and email me notes of encouragement and invite me to parties, and things like that. I doubt he knows what an influence he's been on me, as he likely thought nothing of being such a genuinely kind, good person. But I was suffering from serious "I'm A Nobody" syndrome at the time I first sought out his guidance. And I may still be a big nobody, but you know, I can deal with that now! And that's in no small part due to Michael's friendship.

So wish him well, invite your friends over, raise a glass to love and hope and sex and dreams, and tune in on Sept. 1st to see the face of deserving success. And oh boy is it a beautiful one - in every sense of the word.


Chrissy said...

Been reading for a couple of months now...if only there were a novel so I could get more. Your friends show sounds fun and I will be sure to catch it. Best of luck to him and you! Keep the witty stories and observations coming.

doro said...

Dearest Grayson,
I feel the same way about you that you describe feeling towards your friend Michael. I would NEVER EVER have blogged without your kind words of encouragement.

Can't help but think we caught the "I'm a Nobody" syndrome growing up in the 60's, listening to and reading about how evil, racist, backwards, and stupid the South was---ourselves and our families by extension. Oh yeah, and we were girls too. PLUS remember having to do those nuclear attack drills at elementary school? (Cover your neck with your hands to protect from flying glass, put your head between your legs.....and kiss your ass goodbye!)
Don't worry---the whole rest of the world laughs at Americans over our preoccupation with "self=esteem"--so we're actually in good company.
Fondly, with thanks,
Dahsua from back-home-you-know-where.

Grayson said...

Oh everyone just go get the hankies. I'm going to have myself a good cry!

But seriously, the whole growing up in the 60's in the South thing did a wammy on me too - particularly the raging sexism the ludicrous era seeme to be charged with. I could write a book about that one issue alone. Think THAT'S something that's ever been done before? Naw... besides, we're just girls remember. Nothing we do matters at all, right? So why bother. Women should just shut the F up now!

BP Boy said...

Two things. One, I was going to cancel HBO after Six Feet Under was over, but now I think I'm keeping it.

Two, there was a time when Grayson ran this really cool website called, and if not for her publishing one little piece that she thought was funny, I might not be writing today. I thought WaySouth was WayCool, and to be published there -- hot damn!

The world needs more Grayson!

Grayson said...

Ahhh jeeezzzz. I'm feeling some love on this blog. I think I'm going to sing the Circle Song now. HBO take note!