Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Shame and Hope

From today's NYT...

Here's the world created by racism, violence, hatred, greed, war, terrorism and utter senselessness. Anyone who supports any act of cruelty towards a fellow human being, or who watches passively and allows it to go on, or supports it politically, is simply a stinking evil coward, perpetuating a culture of horror and grief and suffering on the entire world.

And here's the face of hope, also from today's NYT.

We are not afraid of:

  • terrorists
  • politically-motivated perpetuators of war
  • consumeristic greed
  • manufactued "values"
  • attempts to create a mass culture of fear
  • their intolerance and exclusion and false piety
  • an evil adminsitration that has tried to manipulate the entire world.

Get it folks... WE ARE NOT AFRAID!

Please, let's all do what whatever we can to stop this idiotic "War On Terrorism." This is not a war on terrorism (the above photo is the real war on terrorism), but a war machine we were ALL misled into launching by blood-thirsty, riotousness liars, fear-mongers, scam-artists and power-crazed hawks.

This talking-points, PR-ridden, manipulative, evil adminsitration does not share MY values. (And mine are DAMN GOOD ones, thank you very much!)

Let's work hard to stop this war now. Bullet-point THAT.

"It doesn't make a damned bit of difference who wins the war to someone who's dead." Joseph Heller , Catch-22

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