Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Black Tree Blocks His Way

Coupla things to offer you here you might enjoy... Rusty and Amber podcasted and posted the Kos (Daily Kos) gathering last night to the Georgia Podcast Network. Color me pleasantly surprised, but I may have detected a slight progressive pulse in our red state.

The place was packed like sardines to hear Kos pontificate on liberal "progress." He said not to get too excited about taking back much of anything in '08, but given the progressive infrastructure being laid on the Internet, you can go ahead and knock yourself out, go wild and be optimistic about 2016.

You can also read a really special post by Rusty about how his romance with Amber began. (On a blog of course.) Reading it warmed even my own long-gone-cold, weary old heart. Ah, young lovers...

I also want to test out this song sharing ability Napster now offers. I'll give you one of my old goth faves today since it's rainy and moody out. I've always loved this song on dark days. It goes best with tea and biscuits and a fire in the fireplace, but whatever's on your own cooker'll work too. FYI, it took a bit for all players to download the song to where it actually played. But hey, it's free. Sigh...

I always liked Napster over iTunes anyway. I thought their search function was much easier to find and use the artist offerings (albeit limited). I wouldn't mind resuming relations with Napster since you can buy a seriously uncool little player that's compatible with Napster (I assume) for a very uncool $40-bucks at Publix in the Dollar Bins every now and then. That little player (comes in color choices even) is so uncool it might be seriously cool to have one... now that I'm poised to be found on iTunes when the Georgia Political Digest lists our podcasts there. Possibly by next week!

And also by next week, despite a host of hosting woes, TrueGritz is still scheduled to put out on the 15th. Busy world we live in, eh?

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Amber said...

Heh... As I never hesitate to tell people, blogging has been very good to me. It's helped me make new friends, gotten me laid, and gotten me a keeper of a fella. Hooray for technology!