Monday, May 08, 2006

Georgia Podcast Network, Y'all

A cool, techno-minded Atlanta couple, Amber and Rusty (yes, they are smarter than you, especially combined) has created the Georgia Podcast Network. Many long hard days after working hours were surely put in to get this service up and running, so stop by often to support this dream home team.

Better yet, get your own podcast going and put out on the GPN. (Need help? Don't panic because my new co., WaySouth Media, will be ready to help any day now.)

Rusty blogs here. Amber here. And that gal sure can write! But not for the simple-minded, easily offended reader. Consider yourself warned.

Rusty and Amber will be podcasting the Kos appearance at Manuel's tomorrow night. See below entry for more details, and see you there.



doro said...

Okay, Miss Grayson Pauline, now don't get upset with me for being too PICKY about punctuation (because I am a terrible offender myself,) but as a Southerner I feel compelled to correct your "Ya'll."

I'm sure this must be a slip, as We Southerners should all know that the proper contraction of "you all" is "y'all."

Any culture that truly valued group relationships would of course have a unique second personal plural, a Y'all to balance the We.

Thanks for listening.

Grayson said...

Oh My! Consider it fixed.

Amber said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out. Yeah, I don't have much patience for easily offended readers... nor, at this point, easily offended podcast-listeners.

We've got all our gear packed up and ready to go... see ya tomorrow!

rusty said...

Aww, shucks, thanks for the kind words Grayson! Looking forward to seeing you at the book signing tonight...