Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rappers And Rich People

A coupla hilarious statements in the press today regarding rappers and rich people.

First, the rich folk and their addiction to private jet aircraft and all around tax elusiveness, from the NYT...

"Rollins Inc., a pest control company (Orkin to be specific. Atlanta-based I might add) with a market value of $1.4 billion, has its chief executive, Gary W. Rollins, use its planes for security reasons. The company paid his taxes of $7,214, bringing his travel income to $116,988 last year."

"Michelle Leder, who tracks corporate compensation on her Web site,, wrote that the only rationale for security needs at Rollins could be if 'one day cockroaches decide to start fighting back.'"

Story in full here.

And then the rappers. From a Village Voice article about how indifferent the NYC radio station Hot 97 is to their special little problem of numerous guest rappers-with-entourage shooting each other up at the West Village studio. Says the reporter:

"As far as I know, the only time Hot 97 has openly taken a stand against this stuff was when they wouldn't let Nas burn Jay-Z in effigy at Summer Jam."

Ah, rappers and rich people - laughingstock to middle America. Big Cindy Tee ain't quite as bemused as I am though.

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