Monday, May 01, 2006

Have Some Fun

The annual Inman Park parade on Saturday was a blast. I dragged along my cranky six-year old, who clearly did not want to leave a Harry Potter computer game to attend yet another loopy, mommy-inspired event.

Ten minutes into the parade, fourteen burly bearded men in tutus waving pompoms, dozens of costumed dogs, a Big Gulp full of candy, and a neckload of beads later I got my vindication: "Mom, I'm really really glad you made me come to this!" There was even representation from a local Harry Potter fan club marching by. So she goes to DragonCon one day. As long as it keeps her out of the Young Republicans.

When local politcos floated through, I somehow restrained myself from yelling "Wiki Wench" at a convertibled Cathy Cox, still with some of the worst highlights good money can buy. Mark Taylor was ahead of Cox in the lineup, looking like he'd managed to shed a few pounds.

My favorite float was the E.A. Yacht Club's boatload of nutters, naturally enough. E.A.Y.C. is now celebrating twenty years of getting us ATLers totally trashed.

Also, just in time for one more Immigration Day rally, here's another Georgia Political Digest column from moi.

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ARBY said...

Having your daughter join Young Republicans should be a goal. At YR events she could meet a wealthy young man. A well married child can be a great hedge against an unfunded social security program!