Thursday, November 03, 2005

Career Killer

Darn it. Everytime I go fancying a news anchor, it loses its job. This happened before to Frank Sesno and Ron Reagan, although I think Ron Jr. is back on the air somewhere. I predict Anderson will be too strong for my killer elitist-vibe though.

Mr. Brown was awfully arrogant and snotty to his people in the field during the Katrina coverage I admit. Haughtiness doesn't play well in Peoria. Too bad MSM must pretend to give a shit about Peoria.

Bloggers have the luxury of telling 'em all to go screw themselves, if need be. When we win the Great Culture War, Mr. Brown, you can anchor my vlog. Feel better already, now don'tcha?

Jeff Jarvis, at the always-delightful BuzzMachine, finally pops the Big Media question that's been nagging us all, "Now what can they do about Larry King?" Honestly, I think I am almost ready to replace him. Just lemme get my roots touched-up, ok.

Don't forget to stop by Dusty's place. That dude sure can blog.


JEFM said...

You have a cool blog. I love the news and debates about it (like the type of news you post here). I have my own blog to; if you want to, feel free to visit.

Best regards, Jon

dustywood said...

Hey thanks for linking to me...I just found out from N-Graffiti and checked out your blog...It's pretty funny...I like your commentary on the "MoDo" issue and your sarcasm...I think it's sarcasm...I hope it is...