Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bland Atlanta

A.T.L. - say it with me. So we've got our lame branding effort/tax dollar-frittering campaign, incorporating plagiarized rap lyrics, to go along with our fish tank, which opens down the street on Nov. 23rd. "The ATL" -- snort. Like none of the dozen or so people passing through Hartsfield every year ever used that one before. Don'tcha just hate a co-opter?

If Bernie's Bathtub is as hideous as Atlantic Station has turned out to be, then maybe morbidly obese people from surrounding exurbs won't come clog-up our neighborhood with their bald-tires-on-mini-vans and Wal-Mart breath. It's kinda purty though, I bet. I like aquatic things. Who doesn't?

You can get in to World 'O Fish a lot cheaper than the outrageous admission price, and see Jane Fonda get her highlights wet, when the Atlanta Press Club holds its annual (ATL, say it with me) author party on Dec. 1, of this year we are all going through.

Don't forget to overextend the credit card with a stop by the newly re-habbed CNN Center Tour, while you can... before it all gets packed-up and shipped-off to Time-Warner's new digs in NYC. If we lose CNN and Delta, the ATL is T.O.A.S.T.

Rap that, baby doll.

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