Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Let Anderson Cooper Plan Your Next Party

Go figure this one: news anchors make swell party planners. Or party poopers. You decide. Here's an excerpt straight from the AC:

I was stuck in Moscow one New Year's, and about the only difference is that in Russia the party starts much earlier and the vodka is much stronger.
By the time the new year actually rolled around, my Russian host had passed out and his friends had taken off to find themselves some prostitutes.

The following year I was in London. Everyone talks about how elegant and refined the British are, but stand outside a London pub on New Year's Eve and those aren't the two words that come to mind. Roman Vomitorium more accurately describes the scene. Chunky lads and lasses standing in gutters spewing chunky bits and pieces, then returning inside to guzzle more Guinness. Cheerio!

Given my lifelong aversion to New Year's Eve, I was reluctant when asked two years ago to host CNN's special coverage of the ball drop in Times Square.

Full unsolicited agony advice column here. Funny, I could've sworn I died and went to heaven last New Year's Eve at the 40 Watt.

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