Friday, November 04, 2005

Hang On, The Calvary's Coming

Well it's about time! Not only is former President Jimmy Carter defiantly out to wrest piety and good Christian morality away from the GOP and the religious right (virtually one and the same nowadays) and back into the arms of, presumably, the Democratic party, Sarah Michelle Gellar, currently playing a porn star in her latest film, is singlehandedly attempting a revival of honest, righteous feminist values.

So desperate are we for any young woman to stand-up and be counted in regards to our phoney, celebrity-'centric, immoral culture of late, who is going to really mind that an icon of the very same phoney, celebrity-'centric, immoral culture itself is rising to the challenge? Who'd have the heart to discourage such powerful, courageous outspokenness? And please, whatever you do, don't tell Ms. Gellar that Rosa Parks wasn't exactly famous for having been a feminist.

Let the battle begin.

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