Saturday, November 12, 2005

Intracoastal Dreamin'

Pluff mud, marsh grass and john boats. Fiddler crabs and creek shrimp. Oyster roasts in winter. The faintest wiff of Coppertone and the incessant mosquito whine hanging in the salt air all through the long, long summertime.

My dear friends, Joey (see above) and Annie Hindman, moved back to their beloved Lowcountry recently, after a professional lifetime working the ATL.

Here's what they see now when they look out the back door. And no, I'm not going to bash my head into the wall with envy. No, not today.

I'z goin in dat john boat up da crik git me some shrumps an fush soon doh. Yep dat I'z gonna do.

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