Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As Long As I Don't Have To Touch It

Is it just me or does the new Brand Atlanta campaign, which led me only immediately to Andisheh Nouraee's hilarious send-up, see above, look like a retired NOAA logo? Like we were wishing for another handy hurricane reminder. Reality charges relentlessly on through us all, no matter what idiocy marketeers keep churning out on our pathetic behalf.

My occasionally brilliant baby brother, Christopher, now Libertarian-tacking portfolio manager economist, father of two and still-avid rower, has this to say about all our political flailing about of late in a wee e-xchange we had yesterday:

(All I'm saying is that) The law of unintended consequences can make a twisted mockery of carefully crafted, supposedly enlightened and selfless top-down authoritarian planning, just as the results of untrammeled freedom can make a obscene mockery of carefully crafted bottom-up self-interested motives.

We are all being mocked by reality, only utopians or fascists feel that somehow they can stand in the road and say turn left or right as reality steamrolls on.The problem is that those utopians and fascists can, at least for a time and at least for large chunks of the world population, can screw things up worse than they would have been anyway.

And least we all stray into dangerous territory, pickling our own livers on the pleasures of misguided snark and sensibility, take a moment out of your purpose-driven, hectic-for-Jesus day to ponder the best in overwrought futility here.

Sorry to say, Metroblogging will no longer allow commenting from scuzzy, amateur Blogspot folk. Call Google now and give 'em whatfor. Are they in the phone book?

Mooners, what the f is "Mezzanine Capital?" Is this a financially good thing or the daquiri bar on a cruise ship?

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doro said...

Excuse the tangent, but your title reminded me of The Six Rules of Dermatology, which I learned in my Family Practice internship:

1)If it's dry,wet it.
2)If it's wet, dry it.
3)If they're on steroids, take them off.
4)If they're not on steroids, put them on them.
5)If you don't know what it is, don't touch it.
6)If you know what it is, you don't need to touch it.

I guess you know what it is....